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A class of optimization problems in radiotherapy dosimetry planning 1-gen-2012 Alfonso, J. C. L.; Buttazzo, Giuseppe; García Archilla, B.; Herrero, M. A.; Núñez, L.
A hyperbolic bound for the rate monotonic algorithm 1-gen-2001 Bini, E.; Buttazzo, Giuseppe; Buttazzo, G.
A mass transportation model for the optimal planning of an urban region 1-gen-2009 Buttazzo, Giuseppe; Santambrogio, F.
A model for the optimal planning of an urban area 1-gen-2005 Buttazzo, Giuseppe; F., Santambrogio
A p-Laplacian approximation for some mass optimization problems 1-gen-2003 Bouchitte, G.; Buttazzo, Giuseppe; DE PASCALE, Luigi
A survey on the Newton problem of optimal profiles 1-gen-2009 Buttazzo, Giuseppe
An existence result for a class of shape optimization problems 1-gen-1993 Buttazzo, Giuseppe; DAL MASO, G.
An existence result for optimal obstacles 1-gen-1999 Bucur, D.; Buttazzo, Giuseppe; Trebeschi, P.
An optimization problem for mass transportation with congested dynamics 1-gen-2009 Buttazzo, Giuseppe; Jimenez, C; Oudet, E.
An optimization problem for the biharmonic equation with Sobolev conditions 1-gen-2011 Buttazzo, Giuseppe; S. A., Nazarov
Analisi Matematica ABC. 2. Funzioni di più variabili. 1-gen-2015 Buttazzo, Giuseppe; Acerbi, Emilio
An application of the continuous Steiner symmetrization to Blaschke-Santaló diagrams 1-gen-2021 Buttazzo, Giuseppe; Pratelli, Aldo
Asymptotic optimal location of facilities in a competition between population and industries 1-gen-2013 Buttazzo, Giuseppe; F., Santambrogio; E., Stepanov
Asymptotical compliance optimization for connected networks 1-gen-2007 Buttazzo, Giuseppe; Santambrogio, F.
Asymptotics of an optimal compliance-location problem 1-gen-2006 Buttazzo, Giuseppe; F., Santambrogio; N., Varchon
A Benamou-Brenier approach to branched transport 1-gen-2011 L., Brasco; Buttazzo, Giuseppe; F., Santambrogio
Bounds for the effective coefficients of homogenized low dimensional structures 1-gen-2002 Bouchitte, G.; Buttazzo, Giuseppe; Fragala', I.
Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations 1-gen-2000 Buttazzo, Giuseppe; Marino, A.; Murthy, M. K. V.
Characterization of optimal shapes and masses through Monge-Kantorovich equation 1-gen-2001 Bouchitte, G.; Buttazzo, Giuseppe
Continuity and estimates for multimarginal optimal transportation problems with singular costs 1-gen-2018 Buttazzo, Giuseppe; Champion, T.; De Pascale, L.