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Effect of Cooking with Superheated (SHS) vs. Standard Steam Oven on the Fatty Acids Profile of Different Kinds of Meat and Fish 1-gen-2023 Tinagli, Sara; Amarie, Roxana Elena; Conte, Giuseppe; Tognocchi, Monica; Mele, Marcello; Mantino, Alberto; Casarosa, Laura; Serra, Andrea
Linseed supplementation in the diet of fattening pigs: Effect on the fatty acid profile of different pork cuts 1-gen-2023 Tognocchi, M.; Conte, G.; Mantino, A.; Foggi, G.; Casarosa, L.; Tinagli, S.; Turini, L.; Scicutella, F.; Mele, M.; Serra, A.
Outcomes of a comparison between pastoral and silvopastoral management on beef cattle productivity, animal welfare and pasture depletion in a Mediterranean extensive farm 1-gen-2023 Ripamonti, A; Mantino, A; Annecchini, F; Cappucci, A; Casarosa, L; Turini, L; Foggi, G; Mele, M
Correlation of Breed, Growth Performance, and Rumen Microbiota in Two Rustic Cattle Breeds Reared Under Different Conditions 1-gen-2021 Daghio, M.; Ciucci, F.; Buccioni, A.; Cappucci, A.; Casarosa, L.; Serra, A.; Conte, G.; Viti, C.; Mcammond, B. M.; Van Hamme, J. D.; Mele, M.
Diets supplemented with condensed and hydrolysable tannins affected rumen fatty acid profile and plasmalogen lipids, ammonia and methane production in an in vitro study 1-gen-2021 Cappucci, A.; Mantino, A.; Buccioni, A.; Casarosa, L.; Conte, G.; Serra, A.; Mannelli, F.; Luciano, G.; Foggi, G.; Mele, M.
Histochemical characterisation and gene expression analysis of skeletal muscles from maremmana and aubrac steers reared on grazing and feedlot systems 1-gen-2021 Foggi, G.; Ciucci, F.; Conte, M.; Casarosa, L.; Serra, A.; Giannessi, E.; Lenzi, C.; Salvioli, S.; Conte, G.; Mele, M.
Profile of fatty acid lipid fractions of omega-3 fatty acid-enriched table eggs 1-gen-2021 Corrales-Retana, L.; Ciucci, F.; Conte, G.; Casarosa, L.; Mele, M.; Serra, A.
Nutraceutical and technological properties of buffalo and sheep cheese produced by the addition of kiwi juice as a coagulant 1-gen-2020 Serra, A.; Conte, G.; Corrales-Retana, L.; Casarosa, L.; Ciucci, F.; Mele, M.
The smell of longevity: a combination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can discriminate centenarians and their offspring from age-matched subjects and young controls 1-gen-2020 Conte, Maria; Conte, Giuseppe; Martucci, Morena; Monti, Daniela; Casarosa, Laura; Serra, Andrea; Mele, Marcello; Franceschi, Claudio; Salvioli, Stefano
Effect of linseed supplementation on total longissimus muscle lipid composition and shelf-life of beef from young Maremmana bulls 1-gen-2019 Conte, G.; Serra, A.; Casarosa, L.; Ciucci, F.; Cappucci, A.; Bulleri, E.; Corrales-Retana, L.; Buccioni, A.; Mele, M.
Olive Pomace in Diet Limits Lipid Peroxidation of Sausages from Cinta Senese Swine 1-gen-2018 Serra, Andrea; Conte, Giuseppe; Giovannetti, Manuela; Casarosa, Laura; Agnolucci, Monica; Ciucci, Francesca; Palla, Michela; Bulleri, Eleonora; Cappucci, Alice; Servili, Maurizio; Mele, Marcello
Histological Characteristics, Fatty Acid Composition of Lipid Fractions, and Cholesterol Content of Semimembranosus and Triceps Brachii Muscles in Maremmana and Limousine Bovine Breeds 1-gen-2017 Serra, Andrea; Conte, Giuseppe; Giannessi, Elisabetta; Casarosa, Laura; Lenzi, Carla; Baglini, Alessandro; Ciucci, Francesca; Cappucci, Alice; Mele, Marcello
Caratteristiche qualitative del latte e del formaggio Caciocavallo nella razza bovina Podolica 1-gen-2015 Pistoia, Alessandro; Casarosa, Laura; Poli, Piera; Mani, Danilo; Ferruzzi, Guido
Effect of different doses of cracked whole soybean on milk fatty acid composition in buffalo 1-gen-2015 Serra, Andrea; Bulleri, Eleonora; Casarosa, Laura; Cappucci, Alice; Mannelli, Federica; Mele, Marcello
Environmental impact caused by wild ungulates in protected areas 1-gen-2015 Pistoia, Alessandro; Bertolotto, P.; Tomei, R.; Poli, Piera; Casarosa, Laura; Ferruzzi, Guido
Cholesterol and fatty acids oxidation in meat from three muscles of Massese suckling lambs slaughtered at different weights 1-gen-2014 Serra, Andrea; Conte, Giuseppe; Cappucci, Alice; Casarosa, Laura; Mele, Marcello
Consumo di carne e salute 1-gen-2014 Pauselli, M.; Mele, Marcello; Nudda, A.; Casarosa, Laura; Secchiari, PIER LORENZO
Effect of linseed supplementation on fatty acid composition and lipid oxidation of Maremmana beef 1-gen-2014 Conte, Giuseppe; Serra, Andrea; Casarosa, Laura; Cappucci, Alice; Mele, Marcello
The content of cla and alpha-linolenic acid in sn-2 of ovine milk triglycerides as affected by dietary lipid supplementation 1-gen-2013 Serra, Andrea; Conte, Giuseppe; Cappucci, Alice; Buccioni, A.; Casarosa, Laura; Mele, Marcello
Aflatoxin content in organic maize and sorghum for animal feed 1-gen-2012 Pistoia, Alessandro; Casarosa, Laura; Poli, Piera; Bondi, G.; Mani, Danilo; Ferruzzi, Guido