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A CMV--based eigensolver for companion matrices 1-gen-2015 Bevilacqua, Roberto; DEL CORSO, GIANNA MARIA; Gemignani, Luca
A CMV-based eigensolver for companion matrices 1-gen-2014 Bevilacqua, Roberto; Corso, Gianna M. Del; Gemignani, Luca
A constructive algebraic strategy for interpolatory subdivision schemes induced by bivariate box splines 1-gen-2013 Conti, C; Gemignani, Luca; Romani, L.
A Fast Algorithm for Generalized Hankel Matrices Arising in Finite Moment Problems 1-gen-1997 Gemignani, Luca
A fast implicit QR eigenvalue algorithm for companion matrices 1-gen-2010 Bini, DARIO ANDREA; Boito, P.; Eidelman, Y.; Gemignani, Luca; Gohberg, I.
A fast iterative method for determining the stability of a polynomial 1-gen-1996 Gemignani, Luca
A generalized Graeffe's iteration for evaluating polynomials and rational functions 1-gen-2001 Gemignani, Luca
A hybrid approach to the computation of the inertia of a parametric family of {B}ezoutians with applications to some stability problems for bivariate polynomials 1-gen-1998 Gemignani, Luca
A Lanczos-type algorithm for the QR factorization of regular Cauchy matrices 1-gen-2002 D., Fasino; Gemignani, Luca
A Lanczos-type algorithm for the QR factorization of Cauchy-like matrices 1-gen-2003 Fasino, D; Gemignani, Luca
A numerical approach to the solution of stable resultant linear systems 1-gen-2000 Gemignani, Luca
A QR based approach for the nonlinear eigenvalue problem 1-gen-2018 Bevilacqua, R.; Del Corso, G. M.; Gemignani, L.
A real QZ algorithm for structured companion pencils 1-gen-2017 Boito, P.; Eidelman, Y.; Gemignani, Luca
A superfast solver for Sylvester's resultant matrices generated by a stable and an anti-stable polynomial 1-gen-2003 Gemignani, Luca
A unitary Hessenberg QR-based algorithm via semiseparable matrices 1-gen-2005 Gemignani, Luca
Accelerating the Sinkhorn-Knopp iteration by Arnoldi-type methods 1-gen-2020 Aristodemo, A.; Gemignani, L.
Accurate polynomial root-finding methods for symmetric tridiagonal matrix eigenproblems 1-gen-2016 Gemignani, Luca
Bernstein-Bezoutian matrices 1-gen-2004 Bini, DARIO ANDREA; Gemignani, Luca
Bezout-like polynomial equations associated with dual univariate interpolating subdivision schemes 1-gen-2022 Gemignani, Luca; Romani, Lucia; Viscardi, Alberto
Block tridiagonal reduction of perturbed normal and rank structured matrices 1-gen-2013 Bevilacqua, Roberto; DEL CORSO, GIANNA MARIA; Gemignani, Luca