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'Bloody hell' and 'blooming heck'. Potentially offensive lexical items and their parallel euphemistic forms: a corpus-based exploration of usage and change 1-gen-2018 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
Attempting to objectify lexical in/formality with the aid of style labels in English dictionaries: a case study with reference to the lexis of newspaper headlines 1-gen-2018 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
Considerations regarding the notion of ‘word class’ in modern English, with special reference to learners’ dictionaries 1-gen-2018 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
The names of pop groups in the UK hit parades of the 1960s: Patterns and peculiarities 1-gen-2018 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
From corpora to learners' dictionaries: a case study of the function word 'otherwise' 1-gen-2017 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
Phonically derived substitutes of potentially offensive lexical items in modern English: two corpus-based studies 1-gen-2017 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
Phrasal Settings in Which the Definite and Indefinite Articles Appear to Be Interchangeable in English: An Exploratory Study 1-gen-2017 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
Recollections of an English sailor in the mid-19th century, with special reference to Messina, 1848 1-gen-2017 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
A dictionary of Academic English: A further resource for students in higher education 1-gen-2016 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
Getting to grips with English Lexical Phraseology, Seconda Edizione 1-gen-2015 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
Lexical creativity in newspaper headlines 1-gen-2015 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
The lexico-phraseology of THE and A/AN in spoken English: a corpus-based study 1-gen-2015 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
Getting to grips with English Lexical Phraseology 1-gen-2014 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
Of Byrds and Bee Gees: A study of the names of pop groups in the UK hit parades of the 1960s 1-gen-2014 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
Special Word Combinations in English 1-gen-2014 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
TEPhL – Teaching English as a Phraseological Language: Changing learner and teacher perception of ‘words’ 1-gen-2014 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
The Phraseology of English and second language pedagogy: Redressing the balance 1-gen-2014 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
Unusual phrases in English MLDs: increasing user friendliness 1-gen-2014 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
Headlines in British and Italian newspapers: Aspects of form 1-gen-2013 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES
Lexical Fossils in Present-Day English: Describing and Delimiting the Phenomenon 1-gen-2013 Coffey, STEPHEN JAMES