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China Travels: Figurations, Revisions, and Transformations from Wycherley's Time to the Present Day 1-gen-2023 Soncini, SARA FRANCESCA
Performing simulacra: Human/animal intersections in the work of Sarah Kane 1-gen-2022 Soncini, SARA FRANCESCA
The Country Wife, Southall Style: Restoration Comedy and the Multicultural Gaze 1-gen-2022 Soncini, SARA FRANCESCA
The School for Scandal. Superfici 1-gen-2022 Greenup, Sylvia; Soncini, Sara Francesca
Hogarth in drag: Acts of transvestism in 'The Grace of Mary Traverse' and 'Mother Clap’s Molly House' 1-gen-2021 Soncini, SARA FRANCESCA
In the Eye of the Storm: Refugee-Responsive Shakespeare on the Italian Stage 1-gen-2021 Soncini, SARA FRANCESCA
Le metamorfosi di Sarah Kane: 4.48 Psychosis sulle scene italiane 1-gen-2020 Soncini, SARA FRANCESCA
"The Intersection between Complexity and Creativity in Literary Studies: A Multifaceted Approach" 1-gen-2019 Ferrari, R.; Soncini, S.
Amleto e i rifugiati: narrazioni migranti in alcune rivisitazioni sceniche 1-gen-2019 Soncini, SARA FRANCESCA
National e-resources of Shakespeare translations in Europe: (Dis)assembling the black box 1-gen-2019 Soncini, SARA FRANCESCA
Sarah Kane in Italia: rappresentazioni, riscritture, metamorfosi 1-gen-2019 Soncini, SARA FRANCESCA
Theatre-making with Sarah Kane: '4.48 Psychosis' on the Italian stage 1-gen-2019 Soncini, SARA FRANCESCA
WORLDS OF WORDS: Complexity, Creativity, and Conventionality in English Language,Literature and Culture 1-gen-2019 Ferrari, R.; Soncini, S.; Ciompi, F.; Giovannelli, L.
“Shakespeare in Sarajevo: Theatrical and Cinematic Encounters with the Balkans War” 1-gen-2019 Soncini, SARA FRANCESCA
"Il ritorno di Dioniso" 1-gen-2018 Soncini, SARA FRANCESCA
"Money's a Meddler": Jeanette Winterson's Cover Version of The Winter's Tale 1-gen-2018 Soncini, SARA FRANCESCA
Drama on the Move: Intermedial Dialogue in Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information 1-gen-2018 Soncini, SARA FRANCESCA
Shakespeare in Sarajevo: Theatrical and Cinematic Encounters with the Balkans War 1-gen-2018 Soncini, SARA FRANCESCA
“O O O O that Shakespeherian Rap”: Reimagining Othello through Contemporary Popular Music 1-gen-2018 Soncini, SARA FRANCESCA
Amore e informazioni (2012) 1-gen-2017 Soncini, SARA FRANCESCA