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Shear Photospheric Forcing and the Origin of Turbulence in Coronal Loops 1-gen-2010 Rappazzo, A. F.; Velli, M; Einaudi, Giorgio
Nonlinear Dynamics of the Parker Scenario for Coronal Heating, ApJ, 677, 1348 (2008) 1-gen-2008 A. F., Rappazzo; M., Velli; Einaudi, Giorgio; R. B., Dahlburg
Coronal Heating, Weak MHD Turbulence and Scaling Laws ApJ Lett., 657, L47 (2007) 1-gen-2007 Rappazzo, A. F.; Velli, M; Einaudi, Giorgio; Dahlburg, R. B.
Nonlinear Interactions in Coronal Heating 1-gen-2006 F. M., Rappazzo; R. B., Dahlburg; Einaudi, Giorgio; M., Velli
Alfen Waves and Shock Wave Formation at an X-Point Magnetic Field Configuration' (S. Landi and M. Velli), Ap. J.,624,392,(2005) 1-gen-2005 Landi, S; Velli, M; Einaudi, Giorgio
Diamagnetic and Expansion Effects on the Observable Properties of the Slow Solar Wind in a Coronal Streamer 1-gen-2005 A. F., Rappazzo; M., Velli; Einaudi, Giorgio; R. B., Dahlburg
A simplified numerical model of coronal energy dissipation based on reduced MHD 1-gen-2003 E., Buchlin; V., Aletti; S., Galtier; M., Velli; Einaudi, Giorgio; J. C., Vial
Energy Release in a Turbulent Three-Dimensional Corona 1-gen-2003 R., Dahlburg; M., Velli; Einaudi, Giorgio; M, ; G., Linton
Modelling the Coronal Hole -- Coronal Loop Boundary as a Compressible Current-Vortex Sheet 1-gen-2003 Dahlburg, R. B.; Einaudi, Giorgio
MHD unstable modes in the 3D evolution of 2D MHD structures and the diminished role of coalescence instabilities 1-gen-2002 Dahlburg, R. B.; Einaudi, Giorgio
Modeling the Galactic Center Nonthermal Filaments as Magnetized Wakes 1-gen-2002 R., Dahlburg; Einaudi, Giorgio; T. N., Larosa; Shore, STEVEN NEIL
Transonic and Subsonic Dynamics of the Current-Vortex Sheet 1-gen-2002 A., Antognetti; Einaudi, Giorgio; R., Dahlburg
Plasmoid Formation and Acceleration in the Solar Streamer Belt 1-gen-2001 Einaudi, Giorgio; Chibbaro, S; Dahlburg, R. B.; Velli, .
Three-dimensional Secondary Instability in Plane Current-Vortex Sheets 1-gen-2001 R., Dahlburg; Einaudi, Giorgio
Formation of the Slow Solar Wind in a Coronal Streamer 1-gen-1999 Einaudi, Giorgio; Boncinelli, P.; Dahlburg, R. B.; Karpen, J. T.
The Distribution of Flares, Statistics of Magnetohydrodynamics Turbulence and Coronal Heating 1-gen-1999 Einaudi, Giorgio; Velli, M.
Non Linear MHD Evolution of Line-tied Coronal Loops 1-gen-1998 Lionello, R; Velli, M; Einaudi, Giorgio; Mikic, Z.
Statistical Properties of Magnetic Activity in the Solar Corona 1-gen-1998 Georgoulis, M.; Velli, M.; Einaudi, Giorgio
Energy Release in a Turbulent Corona 1-gen-1996 Einaudi, Giorgio; Velli, M; Politano, H; Pouquet, A.