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Seismic Noise Reduction as a Function of Depth Recorded by a Vertical Array Installed in a 285-m-Deep Borehole at a Gas Storage Field in Northern Italy 1-gen-2023 Rossi, Camilla; Grigoli, Francesco; Gasperini, Paolo; Gandolfi, Stefano; Cocorullo, Chiara; Gukov, Timur; Macini, Paolo
A multibranch, multitarget neural network for rapid point-source inversion in a microseismic environment: examples from the Hengill Geothermal Field, Iceland 1-gen-2022 Nooshiri, Nima; J Bean, Christopher; Dahm, Torsten; Grigoli, Francesco; Kristjánsdóttir, Sigríður; Obermann, Anne; Wiemer, Stefan
MALMI: An Automated Earthquake Detection and Location Workflow Based on Machine Learning and Waveform Migration 1-gen-2022 Shi, Peidong; Grigoli, Francesco; Lanza, Federica; Beroza, Gregory C.; Scarabello, Luca; Wiemer, Stefan
Monitoring microseismicity of the Hengill Geothermal Field in Iceland 1-gen-2022 Grigoli, Francesco; Clinton, John F; Diehl, Tobias; Kaestli, Philipp; Scarabello, Luca; Agustsdottir, Thorbjorg; Kristjansdottir, Sigridur; Magnusson, Rognvaldur; Bean, Christopher J; Broccardo, Marco; Cesca, Simone; Dahm, Torsten; Hjorleifsdottir, Vala; Cabrera, Banu Mena; Milkereit, Claus; Nooshiri, Nima; Obermann, Anne; Racine, Roman; Rinaldi, Antonio Pio; Ritz, Vanille; Sanchez-Pastor, Pilar; Wiemer, Stefan
Reply to: Multiple induced seismicity mechanisms at Castor underground gas storage illustrate the need for thorough monitoring 1-gen-2022 Cesca, Simone; Stich, Daniel; Grigoli, Francesco; Vuan, Alessandro; López-Comino, José Ángel; Niemz, Peter; Blanch, Estefanía; Dahm, Torsten; Ellsworth, William L
Earthquakes in Switzerland and surrounding regions during 2017 and 2018 1-gen-2021 Diehl, T.; Clinton, J.; Cauzzi, C.; Kraft, T.; Kastli, P.; Deichmann, N.; Massin, F.; Grigoli, F.; Molinari, I.; Bӧse, M.; Hobiger, M.; Haslinger, F.; Fah, D.; Wiemer, S.
Relative earthquake location procedure for clustered seismicity with a single station 1-gen-2021 Grigoli, F.; Ellsworth, W. L.; Zhang, M.; Mousavi, M.; Cesca, S.; Satriano, C.; Beroza, G. C.; Wiemer, S.
Seismicity at the Castor gas reservoir driven by pore pressure diffusion and asperities loading 1-gen-2021 Cesca, S.; Stich, D.; Grigoli, F.; Vuan, A.; Lopez-Comino, J. A.; Niemz, P.; Blanch, E.; Dahm, T.; Ellsworth, W. L.
Soft stimulation treatment of geothermal well RV-43 to meet the growing heat demand of Reykjavik 1-gen-2021 Hofmann, H.; Zimmermann, G.; Huenges, E.; Regenspurg, S.; Aldaz, S.; Milkereit, C.; Heimann, S.; Dahm, T.; Zang, A.; Grigoli, F.; Karvounis, D.; Broccardo, M.; Wiemer, S.; Hjorleifsdottir, V.; Kristjansson, B. R.; Hersir, G. P.; Asgeirsdottir, R. S.; Magnusson, R.; Arnadottir, S.
Full-Waveform based methods for Microseismic Monitoring Operations: An Application to Natural and Induced Seismicity in the Hengill Geothermal Area, Iceland 1-gen-2020 Rossi, C.; Grigoli, F.; Cesca, S.; Heimann, S.; Gasperini, P.; Hjorleifsdottir, V.; Dahm, T.; Bean, C. J.; Wiemer, S.; Scarabello, L.; Nooshiri, N.; Clinton, J. F.; Obermann, A.; Agustsson, K.; Agustsdottir, T.
Full-waveform-based characterization of acoustic emission activity in a mine-scale experiment: A comparison of conventional and advanced hydraulic fracturing schemes 1-gen-2020 Niemz, P.; Cesca, S.; Heimann, S.; Grigoli, F.; Von Specht, S.; Hammer, C.; Zang, A.; Dahm, T.
Induced seismicity risk analysis of the hydraulic stimulation of a geothermal well on Geldinganes, Iceland 1-gen-2020 Broccardo, M.; Mignan, A.; Grigoli, F.; Karvounis, D.; Rinaldi, A. P.; Danciu, L.; Hofmann, H.; Milkereit, C.; Dahm, T.; Zimmermann, G.; Hjorleifsdottir, V.; Wiemer, S.
An In-Depth Seismological Analysis Revealing a Causal Link Between the 2017 MW 5.5 Pohang Earthquake and EGS Project 1-gen-2019 Woo, J. -U.; Kim, M.; Sheen, D. -H.; Kang, T. -S.; Rhie, J.; Grigoli, F.; Ellsworth, W. L.; Giardini, D.
Structure of Masaya and Momotombo volcano, Nicaragua, investigated with a temporary seismic network 1-gen-2019 Obermann, A.; Molinari, I.; Metaxian, J. -P.; Grigoli, F.; Strauch, W.; Wiemer, S.
Pick- and waveform-based techniques for real-time detection of induced seismicity 1-gen-2018 Grigoli, F.; Scarabello, L.; Bose, M.; Weber, B.; Wiemer, S.; Clinton, J. F.
The November 2017 Mw5.5 Pohang earthquake: A possible case of induced seismicity in South Korea 1-gen-2018 Grigoli, F.; Cesca, S.; Rinaldi, A. P.; Manconi, A.; Lopez-Comino, J. A.; Clinton, J. F.; Westaway, R.; Cauzzi, C.; Dahm, T.; Wiemer, S.
Characterization of Hydraulic Fractures Growth During the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory Experiment (Sweden) 1-gen-2017 Lopez-Comino, J. A.; Cesca, S.; Heimann, S.; Grigoli, F.; Milkereit, C.; Dahm, T.; Zang, A.
Current challenges in monitoring, discrimination, and management of induced seismicity related to underground industrial activities: A European perspective 1-gen-2017 Grigoli, F.; Cesca, S.; Priolo, E.; Rinaldi, A. P.; Clinton, J. F.; Stabile, T. A.; Dost, B.; Fernandez, M. G.; Wiemer, S.; Dahm, T.
Automated microseismic event location using Master-Event Waveform Stacking 1-gen-2016 Grigoli, F.; Cesca, S.; Krieger, L.; Kriegerowski, M.; Gammaldi, S.; Horalek, J.; Priolo, E.; Dahm, T.
Misalignment angle correction of borehole seismic sensors: The case study of the Collalto seismic Network 1-gen-2016 Zaldivar, E. R. D.; Priolo, E.; Grigoli, F.; Cesca, S.