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IT - Italia 1503
SE - Svezia 1372
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DE - Germania 558
AT - Austria 440
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VN - Vietnam 284
GB - Regno Unito 281
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Lille 4
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Marseille 4
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Seoul 4
Shenzhen 4
Simi Valley 4
Southbury 4
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Nome #
Cataract surgery under topical anesthesia in a patient with Parkinson disease and deep brain stimulation: a report of feasibility. 240
Randomized trial on the effects of a combined physical/cognitive training in aged MCI subjects: the Train the Brain study 227
A case of pelvic floor myoclonic jerk syndrome. 152
Vascular Function Is Improved After an Environmental Enrichment Program: The Train the Brain-Mind the Vessel Study 149
CSF phosporylated TAU protein levels correlate with cerebral glucose metabolism assessed with PET in Alzheimer's disease 144
Leadless cardiac pacemaker implant in a patient with two deep brain stimulators: a peaceful cohabitation beyond prejudices 140
Comparison of 3T and 7T susceptibility-weighted angiography of the substantia nigra in diagnosing Parkinson disease 139
α-Synuclein Heterocomplexes with β-Amyloid Are Increased in Red Blood Cells of Parkinson's Disease Patients and Correlate with Disease Severity 134
Disfunzioni sessuali nel morbo di Parkinson: review 133
Mild affective symptoms in de novo Parkinson's disease patients: relationship with dopaminergic dysfunction 133
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Mesolimbic dopaminergic dysfunction in Parkinson's disease depression: evidence from a 123I-FP-CIT SPECT investigation. 130
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[123I]FP-CIT single photon emission computed tomography findings in drug-induced Parkinsonism 127
A pilot psychometric study of aberrant salience state in patients with Parkinson's disease and its association with dopamine replacement therapy. 126
Imaging of the dopamine transporter predicts pattern of disease progression and response to levodopa in patients with schizophrenia and parkinsonism: A 2-year follow-up multicenter study 125
The role of vascular factors in late-onset sporadic Alzheimer's disease. Genetic and molecular aspects 124
Spectrum of addictions in Parkinson's disease: from dopamine dysregulation syndrome to impulse control disorders 124
null 124
Diabetes is associated with postural and cognitive domains in Parkinson's disease. Results from a single-center study. 122
Aerobic rehabilitation program for improving muscle function in Parkinson's disease 122
Social Cognition and Oxytocin in Huntington’s Disease: New Insights 122
Serotonin and neurodegeneration: a preliminary study of platelet serotonin transporter (SERT) in patients with Huntington's disease 121
Visual hallucinations in Parkinson's disease are not influenced by polymorphisms of serotonin 5-HT2A receptor and transporter genes 120
Caudate dopaminergic denervation and visual hallucinations: Evidence from a 123I-FP-CIT SPECT study 120
SSRIs do not worsen Parkinson's disease: Evidence from an open-label, prospective study 118
Psychosis associated to Parkinson's disease in the early stages: Relevance of cognitive decline and depression 118
Acute and chronic effects of clozapine in essential tremor 117
Current treatment and future prospects of dopa-induced dyskinesias. 116
Influences of dopaminergic treatment on motor cortex in Parkinson disease: a MRI/MRS study 115
Decision making in de novo Parkinson's disease 115
A single center study: Aβ42/p-Tau181 CSF ratio to discriminate AD from FTD in clinical setting 115
Efficacy of a combined therapeutic approach in the management of Pisa Syndrome 114
Imaging of the dopamine transporter predicts pattern of disease progression and response to levodopa in patients with schizophrenia and parkinsonism: a 2-year follow-up multicenter study. 112
The association between motor subtypes and alexithymia in de novo Parkinson's disease. 111
Iowa Gambling Task in de novo Parkinson's disease: a comparison between good and poor performers 111
Association of cerebrospinal fluid α-synuclein with total and phospho-tau181 protein concentrations and brain amyloid load in cognitively normal subjective memory complainers stratified by Alzheimer's disease biomarkers 111
Mitochondrial DNA single deletion in a patient with postural tremor. 109
Imaging in Glucocerebrosidase-Associated Parkinsonism: Current Status and Implications for Pathophysiology. 109
Non-motor symptoms in atypical and secondary parkinsonism: The PRIAMO study 109
null 108
The precuneus-a witness for excessive aβ gathering in alzheimer's disease pathology 108
Frontal assessment battery scores and non-motor symptoms in parkinsonian disorders 107
Antipsychotic drugs in Huntington's disease 107
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A non-comparative assessment of tolerability and efficacy of duloxetine in the treatment of depressed patients with Parkinson's disease 106
Molecular imaging to track Parkinson's disease and atypical parkinsonisms: new imaging frontiers 106
Depressive symptoms in Parkinson's disease 105
The PRIAMO study: A multicenter assessment of nonmotor symptoms and their impact on quality of life in Parkinson's disease 104
null 103
Metabolic changes induced by theta burst stimulation of the cerebellum in dyskinetic Parkinson's disease patients 103
Neuropathy and levodopa in Parkinson's disease: evidence from a multicenter study. 102
Clinical variables associated with treatment changes in Parkinson's disease: results from the longitudinal phase of the REASON study. 102
Assessment of midbrain atrophy in patients with progressive supranuclear palsy with routine magnetic resonance imaging 100
Role of pramipexole in the management of Parkinsons disease 100
No evidence for allelic association of serotonin 2A receptor and transporter gene polymorphisms with depression in Alzheimer disease 100
Seven tesla MRI of the substantia nigra in patients with rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder 100
Low frequency stimulation of the nucleus tegmenti pedunculopontini increases cortical metabolism in Parkinsonian patients 99
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Paroxetine in Parkinson's disease: effects on motor and depressive symptoms. 99
Reliability of administrative data for the identification of Parkinson's disease cohorts. 98
Unilateral periodic limb movements: is this a pointer for atypical presentation of corticobasal degeneration syndrome?--A case report 97
Nonmotor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease: the dark side of the moon 97
Psychiatric comorbidity in a population of Parkinson's disease patients 97
Apomorphine hydrochloride for the treatment of Parkinson's disease. 97
Levodopa and neuropathy risk in patients with Parkinson disease: Effect of COMT inhibition 97
Advances in the pharmacotherapeutic management of dementia with Lewy bodies 97
Environmental factors and Parkinson's disease: a case-control study in the Tuscany region of Italy 96
Mitochondrial DNA rearrangements in young onset parkinsonism: two case reports 96
Serotonergic antidepressant drugs and L-dopa-induced dyskinesias in Parkinson's disease. 96
Morphometric and functional MRI changes in essential tremor with and without resting tremore. 96
Antioxidants in the Diet and Cognitive Function: Which Role for the Mediterranean Life-style? 95
Adherence to anti-Parkinson drug therapy in the "REASON" sample of Italian patients with Parkinson's disease: the linguistic validation of the Italian version of the "Morisky Medical Adherence Scale-8 items". 93
null 93
The Italian Dystonia Registry: rationale, design and preliminary findings 93
Oxidative stress assessment in Alzheimer's disease: a clinic setting study 92
Event-based prospective memory in newly diagnosed, drug-naive Parkinson's disease patients 91
Brain perfusion effects of cholinesterase inhibitors in Parkinson's disease with dementia 91
Expanding the clinical phenotype of DYT5 mutations: is multiple system atrophy a possible one? 91
Association between amantadine and the onset of dementia in Parkinson's disease 90
Impulsivity and compulsivity in drug-naïve patients with Parkinson's disease 90
18F-dopa PET evidence that tolcapone acts as a central COMT inhibitor in Parkinson's disease 90
null 89
Mild cognitive impairment in De Novo Parkinson's disease according to movement disorder guidelines. 89
Predictive value of nigrostriatal dysfunction in isolated tremor: A clinical and SPECT study 88
A review of adverse events linked to dopamine agonists in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. 88
null 88
Prevalence of fatigue in Parkinson disease and its clinical correlates 88
The epidemiology and clinical manifestations of dysexecutive syndrome in Parkinson's disease 88
Mild cognitive impairment and cognitive-motor relationships in newly diagnosed drug-naive patients with Parkinson's disease. 88
Correlation between vestibular abnormalities and MRI findings in cerebellar ataxia 87
Sindrome da encefalopatia posteriore reversibile (PRES) in una paziente psoriasica in trattamento con ciclosporina 87
Evaluating the SERCA2 and VEGF mRNAs as potential molecular biomarkers of the onset and progression in huntington's disease 87
Myopathic involvement in two cases of Hallervorden-Spatz disease 86
Implantation of the nucleus tegmenti pedunculopontini in a PSP-P patient: Safe procedure, modest benefits 86
Clinical impact of angiotensin I converting enzyme polymorphisms in subjects with resistant hypertension 86
Clozapine in Huntington's chorea 86
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