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A family of quintic Thue equations via Skolem's p-adic method 1-gen-2022 Lombardo, Davide
Abelian Varieties as Automorphism Groups of Smooth Projective Varieties 1-gen-2020 Lombardo, Davide; Maffei, Andrea
An explicit open image theorem for products of elliptic curves 1-gen-2016 Lombardo, Davide
Bounds for Serre's open image theorem for elliptic curves over number fields 1-gen-2015 Lombardo, Davide
Computing the geometric endomorphism ring of a genus 2 Jacobian 1-gen-2019 Lombardo, Davide
Computing twists of hyperelliptic curves 1-gen-2019 Lombardo, Davide; Lorenzo García, Elisa
Decomposing Jacobians Via Galois covers 1-gen-2021 Lombardo, D.; Garcia, E. L.; Ritzenthaler, C.; Sijsling, J.
Effective Kummer Theory for Elliptic Curves 1-gen-2021 Lombardo, Davide; Tronto, Sebastiano
Explicit surjectivity of Galois representations for abelian surfaces and GL(2)-varieties 1-gen-2016 Lombardo, Davide
Galois representations attached to abelian varieties of CM type 1-gen-2017 Lombardo, Davide
How far is an extension of p-adic fields from having a normal integral basis? 1-gen-2021 Del Corso, I.; Ferri, F.; Lombardo, D.
Identifying central endomorphisms of an abelian variety via Frobenius endomorphisms 1-gen-2021 Costa, E.; Lombardo, D.; Voight, J.
On the analytic bijections of the rationals in [0,1] 1-gen-2017 Lombardo, Davide
On the uniform Rasmussen-Tamagawa conjecture in the CM case 1-gen-2018 Lombardo, D.
On the ℓ-adic Galois representations attached to nonsimple abelian varieties 1-gen-2016 Lombardo, Davide
Pink-type results for general subgroups of SL<inf>2</inf>(ℤ<inf>ℓ</inf>)<sup>n</sup> 1-gen-2017 Lombardo, Davide
REDUCTIONS OF POINTS ON ALGEBRAIC GROUPS 1-gen-2021 Lombardo, Davide; Perucca, Antonella
Roots of unity and torsion points of abelian varieties 1-gen-2017 Lombardo, Davide
The 1-eigenspace for matrices in GL2(Zℓ) 1-gen-2017 Lombardo, Davide; Perucca, Antonella
The twisting Sato-Tate group of the curve $y^2=x8-14x^4+1$ 1-gen-2018 Arora, Sonny; Cantoral-Farfán, Victoria; Landesman, Aaron; Lombardo, Davide; Morrow, Jackson S.