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Nanostructure patterns on stainless-steel upon ultrafast laser ablation with circular polarization 1-gen-2018 Lazzini, G.; Romoli, L.; Tantussi, F.; Fuso, F.
Laser milling of martensitic stainless steels using spiral trajectories 1-gen-2017 Romoli, L; Tantussi, Francesco; Fuso, Francesco
Near-field surface plasmon field enhancement induced by rippled surfaces 1-gen-2017 D'Acunto, Mario; Fuso, Francesco; Micheletto, Ruggero; Naruse, Makoto; Tantussi, Francesco; Allegrini, Maria
Low-Energy Ions from Laser-Cooled Atoms 1-gen-2016 Shayeganrad, Gholamreza; Fioretti, A.; Guerri, Irene; Tantussi, Francesco; Ciampini, Donatella; Allegrini, Maria; Viteau, M.; Fuso, Francesco
Multichannel near-field nanoscopy of circular and linear dichroism at the solid-state 1-gen-2016 Lazzini, G.; Castriciano, M.; Trapani, M.; Micali, N.; Tantussi, Francesco; Monsù Scolaro, L.; Patanè, S.; Fuso, Francesco; Allegrini, Maria
Nonlinear effects in optical pumping of a cold and slow atomic beam 1-gen-2015 Porfido, Nicolo'; Bezuglov, N. N.; Bruvelis, M.; Shayeganrad, Gholamreza; Birindelli, S.; Tantussi, Francesco; Guerri, Irene; Viteau, M.; Fioretti, A.; Ciampini, Donatella; Allegrini, Maria; Comparat, D.; Arimondo, Ennio; Ekers, A.; Fuso, Francesco
Processing and structural properties of random oriented lead lanthanum zirconate titanate thin films 1-gen-2015 E. B., Araujo; B. O., Nahime; M., Melo; F., Dinelli; Tantussi, Francesco; P., Baschieri; Fuso, Francesco; Allegrini, Maria
Shear-force microscopy investigation of roughness and shape of micro-fabricated holes 1-gen-2015 Tantussi, Francesco; Vella, D.; Allegrini, Maria; Fuso, F.; Romoli, L.; Rashed, CHOUDHURY ABUL ANAM
Conformational Evolution of Elongated Polymer Solutions Tailors the Polarization of Light-Emission from Organic Nanofibers 1-gen-2014 Andrea, Camposeo; Israel, Greenfeld; Tantussi, Francesco; Maria, Moffa; Fuso, Francesco; Allegrini, Maria; Eyal, Zussman; Pisignano, Dario
Linear and Circular Dichroism in Porphyrin J-Aggregates Probed by Polarization Modulated Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy 1-gen-2014 Tantussi, Francesco; Fuso, Francesco; Allegrini, Maria; Norberto, Micali; Ilaria, Occhiuto; Luigi Monsu, Scolaro; Salvatore, Patanè
SERS Enhancement and Field Confinement in Nanosensors Based on Self-Organized Gold Nanowires Produced by Ion-Beam Sputtering 1-gen-2014 C., D'Andrea; B., Fazio; P. G., Gucciardi; M. C., Giordano; C., Martella; D., Chiappe; A., Toma; F., Buatier de Mongeot; Tantussi, Francesco; P., Vasanthakumar; Fuso, Francesco; Allegrini, Maria
Ultrashort pulsed laser drilling and surface structuring of microholes in stainless steels 1-gen-2014 Romoli, L.; Rashed, C. A. A.; Lovicu, G.; Dini, Gino; Tantussi, Francesco; Fuso, Francesco; Fiaschi, M.
Experimental optimization of micro-electrical discharge drilling process from the perspective of inner surface enhancement measured by shear-force microscopy 1-gen-2013 C. A. A., Rashed; Romoli, Luca; Tantussi, Francesco; Fuso, Francesco; L., Bertoncini; M., Fiaschi; Allegrini, Maria; Dini, Gino
Local Mechanical Properties of Electrospun Fibers Correlate to Their Internal Nanostructure 1-gen-2013 Andrea, Camposeo; Israel, Greenfeld; Tantussi, Francesco; Stefano, Pagliara; Maria, Moffa; Fuso, Francesco; Allegrini, Maria; Eyal, Zussman; Pisignano, Dario
Metal micro drilling combining high power femtosecond laser and trepanning head 1-gen-2013 Kling, R.; Dijoux, M.; Romoli, Luca; Tantussi, Francesco; Sanabria, J.; Mottay, E.
Nanoscopy of photo-emitting host-guest systems 1-gen-2013 Tantussi, Francesco; A., Bacci; Allegrini, Maria; Fuso, Francesco; Pucci, Andrea; Ruggeri, Giacomo
Near-field interaction with plasmonic waveguides and individual nanoemitters 1-gen-2013 Tantussi, Francesco; D., Vella; Fuso, Francesco; Allegrini, Maria
Scanning Probe Microscopy for roughness analysis of complex shape samples 1-gen-2013 Tantussi, Francesco; Vella, D.; Fuso, Francesco; Allegrini, Maria; Romoli, Luca; Fiaschi, M.
Water jet guided laser as an alternative to EDM for micro-drilling of fuel injector nozzles: A comparison of machined surfaces 1-gen-2013 Rashed, C. A. A.; Romoli, Luca; Tantussi, Francesco; Fuso, Francesco; Burgener, M.; Cusanelli, G.; Allegrini, Maria; Dini, Gino
Aggregation Induced Emission as a new Tool for Polymer Traceability 1-gen-2012 Pucci, Andrea; Iasilli, G; Tantussi, Francesco; Fuso, Francesco; Ruggeri, Giacomo