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A Hybrid Approach to Surface Engineering Based on Laser Texturing and Coating 1-gen-2023 Barili, M.; Lutey, A. H. A.; Sciancalepore, C.; Romoli, L.
The cleanability of laser etched surfaces with repeated fouling using Staphylococcus aureus and milk 1-gen-2023 Whitehead, K.; Pilkington, L. I.; Slate, A. J.; Saubade, F.; Amin, M.; Lutey, A.; Gemini, L.; Kling, R.; Romoli, L.
Critical Barriers to Industry 4.0 Adoption in Manufacturing Organizations and Their Mitigation Strategies 1-gen-2022 Sayem, Ahmed; Biswas, Pronob Kumar; Khan, Mohammad Muhshin Aziz; Romoli, Luca; Dalle Mura, Michela
Fluid-driven bacterial accumulation in proximity of laser-textured surfaces 1-gen-2022 Lazzini, Gianmarco; Romoli, Luca; Fuso, Francesco
High precision feature detection in laser texturing 1-gen-2022 Lazzini, G.; Lutey, A. H. A.; Romoli, L.; Groppetti, R.
Laser texturing of Li-ion battery electrode current collectors for improved active layer interface adhesion 1-gen-2022 Romoli, L.; Lutey, A. H. A.; Lazzini, G.
Systematic Repeatability Analysis of Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Texturing 1-gen-2022 Lazzini, G.; Lutey, A. H. A.; Romoli, L.
Torsional-loaded notched specimen fatigue strength prediction based on mode I and mode III critical distances and fracture surface investigations with a 3D optical profilometer 1-gen-2022 Santus, C.; Romanelli, L.; Grossi, T.; Neri, P.; Romoli, L.; Lutey, A. H. A.; Pedranz, M.; Benedetti, M.
A novel approach for detecting undercuts within surface textures generated by Electrochemical Jet Machining (ECJM) 1-gen-2021 Lazzini, G.; Romoli, L.; Kunieda, M.
Electrolyte Jet Machining (EJM) of antibacterial surfaces 1-gen-2021 Lutey, A. H. A.; Jing, H.; Romoli, L.; Kunieda, M.
Fatigue fracture surface investigations with a 3D optical profiler 1-gen-2021 Santus, C.; Neri, P.; Romoli, L.; Lutey, A.; Raghavendra, S.; Benedetti, M.
Insight into replication effectiveness of laser-textured micro and nanoscale morphology by injection molding 1-gen-2021 Lutey, Adrian H. A.; Lazzini, Gianmarco; Gemini, Laura; Peter, Alexander; Onuseit, Volkher; Graus, Javier; Fuso, Francesco; Kling, Rainer; Romoli, Luca
Molecular dynamics model for the antibactericity of textured surfaces 1-gen-2021 Lazzini, G.; Lutey, A. H. A.; Romoli, L.; Fuso, F.
Optimization of laser engraving of acrylic plastics from the perspective of energy consumption, co2 emission and removal rate 1-gen-2021 Khan, M. M. A.; Saha, S.; Romoli, L.; Kibria, M. H.
Ultrafast laser manufacturing: from physics to industrial applications 1-gen-2021 Orazi, L.; Romoli, L.; Schmidt, M.; Li, L.
3D Printing by Two-Photon Polymerization 1-gen-2020 Mckee, S.; Lutey, A. H. A.; Poli, F.; Selleri, S.; Romoli, L.; Fortunato, A.; Cucinotta, A.
Pulsed laser machining of high-performance engineering and biomedical alloys 1-gen-2020 Perveen, A.; Lutey, A. H. A.; Romoli, L.; Cucinotta, A.; Selleri, S.
Influence of as-built surface topography on the fatigue behavior of slm Inconel 718: Experiments and modeling 1-gen-2019 Nicoletto, G.; Tinelli, G.; Lutey, A.; Romoli, L.
Modelling the interaction between bacterial cells and laser-textured surfaces 1-gen-2019 Lazzini, G.; Romoli, L.; Lutey, A. H. A.; Fuso, F.
Pulsed laser ablation for enhanced liquid spreading 1-gen-2019 Lutey, Adrian H. A.; Romoli, Luca