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3D Printing by Two-Photon Polymerization 1-gen-2020 Mckee, S.; Lutey, A. H. A.; Poli, F.; Selleri, S.; Romoli, L.; Fortunato, A.; Cucinotta, A.
A double-point moving source model for predicting seam geometry in laser welding 1-gen-2013 Romoli, Luca; Musacchio, A; Franco, Alessandro; Fierro, Mc; Dini, Gino
A Modeling Approach for Plastic-Metal Laser Direct Joining 1-gen-2017 Lutey, Adrian H. A.; Fortunato, Alessandro; Ascari, Alessandro; Romoli, Luca
A new strategy of beam motion for the mass production of fuel injector nozzles by fs-laser drilling 1-gen-2015 Romoli, Luca; Groppetti, Roberto
A novel approach for detecting undercuts within surface textures generated by Electrochemical Jet Machining (ECJM) 1-gen-2021 Lazzini, G.; Romoli, L.; Kunieda, M.
A simplified energy-based model for laser welding of ferritic stainless steels in overlap configurations 1-gen-2011 Khan, M. M. A.; Romoli, Luca; Dini, Gino; Fiaschi, M.
A study on the control of melting ratio to increase mechanical properties of laser welded joints between AISI 440C and AISI 430F 1-gen-2015 Romoli, Luca; Rashed, C. A. A.; Lovicu, G.; Ishak, R.
A study on the influence of surface laser texturing on the adhesive strength of bonded joints in aluminium alloys 1-gen-2017 Romoli, Luca; Moroni, Fabrizio; Khan, M. M. A.
A study on UV laser drilling of PEEK reinforced with carbon fibers 1-gen-2012 Romoli, Luca; Fischer, F.; Kling, R.
Analysis of energy consumption in micro-drilling processes 1-gen-2016 Franco, Alessandro; Rashed, Choudhury Abul Anam; Romoli, Luca
Analysis of the material removal mechanism in the sawing of marble 1-gen-2009 Romoli, Luca; Turchetta, S.; Tantussi, G.
Chapter 12: Laser-based repair for carbon fiber reinforced composites. 1-gen-2012 Fischer, F.; Romoli, Luca; Kling, R.; Kracht, D.
Characterization of laser energy consumption in sintering of polymer based powders 1-gen-2012 Franco, Alessandro; Romoli, Luca
Critical Barriers to Industry 4.0 Adoption in Manufacturing Organizations and Their Mitigation Strategies 1-gen-2022 Sayem, Ahmed; Biswas, Pronob Kumar; Khan, Mohammad Muhshin Aziz; Romoli, Luca; Dalle Mura, Michela
Cutting force monitoring of chain saw machines at the variation of the rake angle 1-gen-2018 Romoli, L.
Design and characterization of textured surfaces for applications in the food industry 1-gen-2017 Lazzini, Gianmarco; Romoli, L.; Blunt, L.; Gemini, L.
Design of laser-textured surfaces to enhance the strength of adhesively bonded joints 1-gen-2018 Moroni, F.; Romoli, L.; Khan, M. M. A.
Direct laser interference patterning of stainless steel by ultrashort pulses for antibacterial surfaces 1-gen-2020 Peter, A.; Lutey, A. H. A.; Faas, S.; Romoli, L.; Onuseit, V.; Graf, T.
Electrolyte Jet Machining (EJM) of antibacterial surfaces 1-gen-2021 Lutey, A. H. A.; Jing, H.; Romoli, L.; Kunieda, M.
Experimental Analysis of Selective Laser Sintering of Polyamide Powders: an Energy Perspective 1-gen-2010 Franco, Alessandro; Lanzetta, Michele; Romoli, Luca