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"Influence of Confinement and Substrate Interaction on the Crystallization Kinetics of PET Ultrathin Films" 1-gen-2008 Capaccioli, Simone; C., Rotella; M., Bertoldo; M., Lucchesi; P., Pingue; D., Prevosto; Rolla, Pierangelo
A Fast and Precise Method for the Measurement of Dielectric Permittivity at Microwave Frequencies 1-gen-1996 Gallone, GIUSEPPE CARMINE; Lucardesi, P.; Martinelli, M.; Rolla, Pierangelo
Analisi dielettrica di processi di polimerizzazione 1-gen-1997 Gallone, GIUSEPPE CARMINE; Livi, A.; Rolla, Pierangelo; Levita, Giovanni
Anomalous trends in conductivity during epoxy-amine reactions 1-gen-1998 Gallone, GIUSEPPE CARMINE; Levita, Giovanni; Mijovic, S.; Andjelic, S.; Rolla, Pierangelo
Approaching the glass-transition by polymerizing, cooling and compressing 1-gen-1999 Gallone, GIUSEPPE CARMINE; Capaccioli, Simone; Corezzi, S.; Rolla, Pierangelo
Bond.controlled configurational entropy reduction in chemical vitrification 1-gen-2002 Corezzi, S.; Fioretto, D.; Rolla, Pierangelo
Changes in the Dynamics of Compounds of Increasing Molecular Complexity Observed through the Dielectric Response 1-gen-1998 Rolla, Pierangelo; Corezzi, S.; Gallone, GIUSEPPE CARMINE; Lucchesi, M.; Fioretto, D.
CHANGES IN THE DYNAMICS OF SUPERCOOLED SYSTEMS REVEALED BY DIELECTRIC SPECTROSCOPY 1-gen-1999 S., Corezzi; E., Campani; Rolla, Pierangelo; Capaccioli, Simone; D., Fioretto
Characterization of rock wettability through dielectric measurements 1-gen-1998 N., Bona; E., Rossi; C., Venturini; Capaccioli, Simone; Lucchesi, Mauro; Rolla, Pierangelo
Check of the temperature- and pressure-dependent Cohen-Grest equation 1-gen-2000 S., Corezzi; Capaccioli, Simone; R., Casalini; D., Fioretto; Rolla, Pierangelo
Comment on "Decrease in the configurational entropy during a melt's polymerization" [Chem. Phys. 305 (2004) 231] 1-gen-2006 Corezzi, S; Fioretto, D; Rolla, Pierangelo
Correlation between configurational entropy and structural relaxation time in glass-forming liquids 1-gen-2003 Prevosto, D; Lucchesi, Mauro; Capaccioli, Simone; Casalini, R; Rolla, Pierangelo
Correlation of structural and Johari-Goldstein relaxations in systems vitrifying along isobaric and isothermal paths 1-gen-2007 Capaccioli, Simone; Kessairi, K.; Prevosto, D.; Lucchesi, Mauro; Rolla, Pierangelo
DC Electrical Transport in a New Conducting Polymer: Oxidized Poly(N-Vinylpyrrole) 1-gen-1992 CAGNOLATI R., Lucchesi; Lucchesi, Mauro; Rolla, Pierangelo; Castelvetro, Valter; Ciardelli, Francesco; Colligiani, A.
Dielectric Analysis of Chemically, Thermally and Mechanically Induced Glass-Transition 1-gen-2002 Gallone, GIUSEPPE CARMINE; Capaccioli, Simone; Corezzi, S.; Levita, Giovanni; Rolla, Pierangelo
Dielectric Analysis of the Linear Polymerization of an Epoxy Resin 1-gen-2001 Gallone, GIUSEPPE CARMINE; Capaccioli, Simone; Levita, Giovanni; Rolla, Pierangelo; Corezzi, S.
Dielectric modelling of polymerization processes 1-gen-1996 Gallone, GIUSEPPE CARMINE; Levita, Giovanni; Livi, A.; Rolla, Pierangelo
Dielectric Response of a Conducting Polymer Dominated by the Hopping Charge Transport 1-gen-1998 Capaccioli, Simone; Lucchesi, Mauro; Rolla, Pierangelo; Ruggeri, Giacomo
Does the entropy and volume dependence of the structural alpha-relaxation originate from the Johari-Goldstein beta-relaxation? 1-gen-2009 Prevosto, D.; Capaccioli, Simone; Lucchesi, Mauro; Rolla, Pierangelo; Ngai, K. L.
Dynamics of a glass-forming triepoxide studied by dielectric spectroscopy 1-gen-1999 S., Corezzi; Capaccioli, Simone; Gallone, GIUSEPPE CARMINE; Lucchesi, Mauro; Rolla, Pierangelo