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Effect of Confinement on Structural Relaxation in Ultrathin Polymer Films Investigated by Local Dielectric Spectroscopy RID A-8503-2012 1-gen-2011 Nguyen, Hk; Prevosto, D; Labardi, M; Capaccioli, S; Lucchesi, Mauro; Rolla, Pierangelo
Temperature and pressure dependence of secondary process in an epoxy system RID A-8503-2012 1-gen-2011 Sharifi, S; Capaccioli, S; Lucchesi, Mauro; Rolla, Pierangelo; Prevosto, D.
The role of primitive relaxation in the dynamics of aqueous mixtures, nano-confined water and hydrated proteins RID A-8503-2012 1-gen-2011 Capaccioli, S; Ngai, Kl; Ancherbak, S; Rolla, Pierangelo; Shinyashiki, N.
Interfacial effects on the dynamics of ethylene-propylene copolymer nanocomposite with inorganic clays 1-gen-2010 Prevosto, Daniele; Lucchesi, Mauro; Bertoldo, Monica; Passaglia, Elisa; Ciardelli, Francesco; Rolla, Pierangelo
Local dielectric spectroscopy of nanocomposite materials interfaces 1-gen-2010 Labardi, Massimiliano; Prevosto, Daniele; Nguyen Kim, Hung; Capaccioli, Simone; Lucchesi, Mauro; Rolla, Pierangelo
Unusual Deviations from Bulk Behavior in Ultrathin Films of Poly(tert-butylstyrene): Can Dead Layers Induce a Reduction of T(g)? 1-gen-2010 Napolitano, Simone; Pilleri, Alessandro; Rolla, Pierangelo; Wuebbenhorst, Michael
Does the entropy and volume dependence of the structural alpha-relaxation originate from the Johari-Goldstein beta-relaxation? 1-gen-2009 Prevosto, D.; Capaccioli, Simone; Lucchesi, Mauro; Rolla, Pierangelo; Ngai, K. L.
Relation between configurational entropy and relaxation dynamics of glass-forming systems under volume and temperature reduction 1-gen-2009 Capaccioli, Simone; Prevosto, Daniele; Lucchesi, Mauro; Amirkhani, Masoud; Rolla, Pierangelo
"Influence of Confinement and Substrate Interaction on the Crystallization Kinetics of PET Ultrathin Films" 1-gen-2008 Capaccioli, Simone; C., Rotella; M., Bertoldo; M., Lucchesi; P., Pingue; D., Prevosto; Rolla, Pierangelo
Interdependence of primary and Johari-Goldstein secondary relaxations in glass-forming systems 1-gen-2008 Kessairi, K.; Capaccioli, Simone; Prevosto, D.; Lucchesi, M.; Sharifi, S.; Rolla, Pierangelo
The component dynamics of miscible binary mixtures of glass formers: New features 1-gen-2008 Thayyil M., Shahin; Capaccioli, Simone; Rolla, Pierangelo; Ngai, K. L.
Correlation of structural and Johari-Goldstein relaxations in systems vitrifying along isobaric and isothermal paths 1-gen-2007 Capaccioli, Simone; Kessairi, K.; Prevosto, D.; Lucchesi, Mauro; Rolla, Pierangelo
Effect of pressure on relaxation dynamics at different time scales in supercooled systems 1-gen-2007 Capaccioli, Simone; Prevosto, D.; Kessairi, K.; Lucchesi, Mauro; Rolla, Pierangelo
Effect of temperature and pressure on the structural (alpha-) and the true Johari-Goldstein (beta-) relaxation in binary mixtures 1-gen-2007 Kessairi, Khadra; Capaccioli, Simone; Prevosto, Daniele; Sharifi, Soheil; Rolla, Pierangelo
Excess wing and Johari-Goldstein relaxation in binary mixtures of glass formers 1-gen-2007 Prevosto, D.; Kessairi, K.; Capaccioli, Simone; Lucchesi, Mauro; Rolla, Pierangelo
Fast formation of ripples induced by AFM. A new method for patterning polymers on nanoscale 1-gen-2007 D'Acunto, M.; Napolitano, S.; Pingue, P.; Giusti, P.; Rolla, Pierangelo
Influence of a reduced mobility layer on the structural relaxation dynamics of aluminum capped ultrathin films of poly(ethylene terephthalate) 1-gen-2007 Napolitano, Simone; Prevosto, Daniele; Lucchesi, Mauro; Pingue, Pasqualantonio; D'Acunto, Mario; Rolla, Pierangelo
Molecular dynamics of atactic poly(propylene) investigated by broadband dielectric spectroscopy 1-gen-2007 Kessairi, Khadra; Napolitano, Simone; Capaccioli, Simone; Rolla, Pierangelo; Wuebbenhorst, Michael
New experimental evidence about secondary processes in phenylphthalein-dimethylether and 1,1 '-bis(p-methoxyphenyl)cyclohexane 1-gen-2007 Prevosto, D; Sharifi, S; Capaccioli, Simone; Rolla, Pierangelo; Hensel Bielowka, S; Paluch, M.
Relation between the dispersion of alpha-relaxation and the time scale of beta-relaxation at the glass transition 1-gen-2007 Capaccioli, Simone; Prevosto, Daniele; Kessairi, Khadra; Lucchesi, Mauro; Rolla, Pierangelo