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Miniature Forms as Transformative Thresholds: Faience Figurines in Middle Bronze Age Egypt (1800 BC - 1650 BC) In corso di stampa Miniaci, Gianluca
Bakhtin, Gramsci, and the Materiality of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs: When the ‘Official’ Culture Leaks into the ‘Folk’ Domain 1-gen-2024 Miniaci, Gianluca
Faience Figurines in their Archaeological and Museological Contexts (Egypt, Nubia, and the Levant, 2100-1550 BC): The Catalogue Raisonné 1-gen-2024 Miniaci, Gianluca
The Ancient World Revisited: Material Dimensions of Written Artefacts 1-gen-2024 Miniaci, Gianluca
Miniature Forms as Transformative Thresholds: Faience Figurines in Middle Bronze Age Egypt, Nubia and the Levant (2100-1550 BC) 1-gen-2023 Miniaci, Gianluca
Profiling the people behind clay figurines: Technological trace and fingerprint analysis applied to ancient Egypt (Lahun village, MBA II, c. 1800–1700 BC) 1-gen-2023 Miniaci, Gianluca
Second Intermediate Period jewellery 1-gen-2023 Miniaci, Gianluca
Second Intermediate Period jewellery in the collection of the British Museum 1-gen-2023 Miniaci, Gianluca
An Unusual Mutilation of the Crocodile Hieroglyphic Sign in an Early Middle Kingdom Stela from the Sanctuary II of Heqaib at Elephantine 1-gen-2022 Miniaci, Gianluca; von Pilgrim, Cornelius
Breaking Images: Damage and Mutilation of Ancient Figurines 1-gen-2022 Miniaci, Gianluca
Foreword for The World of Middle Kingdom III: Contributions on Archaeology, Art, Religion, and Written Sources 1-gen-2022 Miniaci, Gianluca; Grajetzki, WOLFRAM RUEDIGER
In the footsteps of Auguste Rodin: Fragmentation is not an end 1-gen-2022 Miniaci, Gianluca
Introduction 1-gen-2022 Miniaci, Gianluca; Peter, Lacovara
La circolazione dei manufatti egiziani dalla Nubia al Nord Levante alla fine del Medio Bronzo (1710–1550 a.C.) 1-gen-2022 Miniaci, Gianluca
Mud Figurines from Lahun: Searching for an 'archaeometric' social history 1-gen-2022 Miniaci, Gianluca; Saler, Camilla; Forte, Vanessa; Grajetzki, Wolfram
Notes on the Journal d’Entr e Entries for Queen Ahhotep’s Assemblage 1-gen-2022 Miniaci, Gianluca
Preface 1-gen-2022 Miniaci, Gianluca; moreno garcia, juan carlos
Revealing the Invisible Majority: “Hegemonic” Group Artefacts as Biography Containers of “Underprivileged” Groups 1-gen-2022 Miniaci, Gianluca
The Discovery of Queen Ahhotep’s Burial at Dra Abu el-Naga (Thebes) in the Nineteenth Century AD: Between Tale and Archaeological Evidence 1-gen-2022 Miniaci, Gianluca
The materiality of the damage in the faience figurine corpus from late Middle Bronze Age Egypt (1800–1550 BC) 1-gen-2022 Miniaci, Gianluca