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An experimental dataset on yields of pulses across Europe 1-gen-2023 Antichi, Daniele; Pampana, Silvia; Tramacere, Lorenzo Gabriele; Biarnes, Véronique; Stute, Ina; Kadžiulienė, Žydrė; Howard, Becky; Duarte, Isabel; Balodis, Oskars; Bertin, Iris; Makowski, David; Guilpart, Nicolas
Better Land and Nitrogen Complementarity for Green Forage Than for Silage in Barley–Field Bean Intercropping 1-gen-2023 Angeletti, F. G. S.; Pampana, S.; Saia, S.; Mariotti, M.
Composting Sugarcane Filter Mud with Different Sources Differently Benefits Sweet Maize 1-gen-2023 Salman, M.; Inamullah, ; Jamal, A.; Mihoub, A.; Saeed, M. F.; Radicetti, E.; Ahmad, I.; Naeem, A.; Ullah, J.; Pampana, S.
European Grain Legumes Dataset 1-gen-2023 Pampana, Silvia; Antichi, Daniele
Agricultural sciences and the environment: Reviewing recent technologies and innovations to combat the challenges of climate change, environmental protection, and food security 1-gen-2022 Popescu, G. C.; Popescu, M.; Khondker, M.; Clay, D. E.; Pampana, S.; Umehara, M.
Fine-Tuning N Fertilization for Forage and Grain Production of Barley–Field Bean Intercropping in Mediterranean Environments 1-gen-2022 Pampana, S.; Arduini, I.; Andreuccetti, V.; Mariotti, M.
Herbage and Silage Quality Improved More by Mixing Barley and Faba Bean Than by N Fertilization or Stage of Harvest 1-gen-2022 Angeletti, Fgs; Mariotti, M; Tozzi, B; Pampana, S; Saia, S
Biosolids benefit yield and nitrogen uptake in winter cereals without excess risk of n leaching 1-gen-2021 Pampana, S.; Rossi, A.; Arduini, I.
Durum Wheat Yield and N Uptake as Affected by N Rate, Timing and Source in Two Mediterranean Environments 1-gen-2021 Pampana, Silvia; Mariotti, Marco
Durum wheat yield and N uptake as affected by N source, timing, and rate in two mediterranean environments 1-gen-2021 Pampana, S.; Mariotti, M.
Transient waterlogging events impair shoot and root physiology and reduce grain yield of durum wheat cultivars 1-gen-2021 Cotrozzi, L.; Lorenzini, G.; Nali, C.; Pisuttu, C.; Pampana, S.; Pellegrini, E.
Mais e soia più sostenibili con l’impiego dei biostimolanti 1-gen-2019 Mazzoncini, Marco; Pampana, Silvia; Antichi, Daniele
Reduced Growth and Nitrogen Uptake During Waterlogging at Tillering Permanently Affect Yield Components in Late Sown Oats 1-gen-2019 Arduini, I.; Baldanzi, M.; Pampana, S.
Biosolids affect the growth, nitrogen accumulation and nitrogen leaching of barley   1-gen-2018 Arduini, Iduna; Cardelli, Roberto; Pampana, Silvia
Field bean for forage and grain in short-season rainfed Mediterranean conditions 1-gen-2018 Mariotti, Marco; Andreuccetti, Victoria; Arduini, Iduna; Minieri, Sara; Pampana, Silvia
NITROGEN FIXATION OF GRAIN LEGUMES DIFFERS IN RESPONSE TO NITROGEN FERTILISATION 1-gen-2018 Pampana, Silvia; Masoni, Alessandro; Mariotti, Marco; Ercoli, Laura; Arduini, Iduna
Biosolids differently affect seed yield, nodule growth, nodule-specific activity, and symbiotic nitrogen fixation of field bean 1-gen-2017 Pampana, Silvia; Scartazza, Andrea; Cardelli, Roberto; Saviozzi, Alessandro; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo; Vannacci, Giovanni; Mariotti, Marco; Masoni, Alessandro; Arduini, Iduna
Effect of preceding crop on the agronomic and economic performance of durum wheat in the transition from conventional to reduced tillage 1-gen-2017 Ercoli, Laura; Masoni, Alessandro; Mariotti, Marco; Pampana, Silvia; Pellegrino, Elisa; Arduini, Iduna
Barley response to waterlogging duration at tillering 1-gen-2016 Masoni, Alessandro; Pampana, Silvia; Arduini, Iduna
Grain legumes differ in nitrogen accumulation and remobilisation during seed filling. 1-gen-2016 Pampana, Silvia; Masoni, Alessandro; Arduini, Iduna