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Rank-two programs involving linear fractional functions 1-gen-2024 Cambini, Riccardo; D’Inverno, Giovanna
Solving linear multiplicative programs via branch-and-bound: a computational experience 1-gen-2023 Cambini, R; Riccardi, R; Scopelliti, D
A new solution method for a class of large dimension rank-two nonconvex programs 1-gen-2021 Cambini, Riccardo; Venturi, Irene
Underestimation functions for a rank-two partitioning method 1-gen-2020 Cambini, Riccardo
A note on scalar “generalized” invexity 1-gen-2019 Carosi, Laura; Cambini, Riccardo
Characterizing the generalized convexity of a quadratic fractional function 1-gen-2019 Cambini, Riccardo; Carosi, Laura
A reduced formulation for pseudoinvex vector functions 1-gen-2018 Arana Jiménez, Manuel; Cambini, Riccardo; Carosi, Laura
Recent advances in optimization theory and applications (RAOTA-2016) 1-gen-2018 Gupta, Pankaj; Cambini, Riccardo; Appadoo, S. S.
A unifying approach to solve a class of rank-three programs involving linear and quadratic functions 1-gen-2017 Cambini, Riccardo; Sodini, Claudio
Generating the efficient frontier of a class of bicriteria generalized fractional programming 1-gen-2017 Cambini, Riccardo; Carosi, Laura; Martein, Laura
On the effectiveness of Lagrangean cuts in solving a class of low rank d.c. programs 1-gen-2017 Cambini, Riccardo; Salvi, Francesca
Simplex-like sequential methods for a class of generalized fractional programs 1-gen-2017 Cambini, Riccardo; Carosi, Laura; Martein, Laura; Valipour, Ezat
Conic efficiency and duality in nondifferentiable multiobjective mathematical programming 1-gen-2015 Arana Jiménez, Manuel; Cambini, Riccardo
Optimal pricing and promotional effort control policies for a new product growth in segmented market 1-gen-2015 P. C., Jha; Prerna, Manik; Kuldeep, Chaudhary; Cambini, Riccardo
A parametric solution algorithm for a class of rank-two nonconvex programs 1-gen-2014 Cambini, Riccardo; Sodini, Claudio
On the minimization of a class of generalized linear functions on a flow polytope 1-gen-2014 Cambini, Riccardo; Sodini, Claudio
C-efficiency in nondifferentiable vector optimization 1-gen-2013 Cambini, Riccardo; Arana, M; Rufian, A.
A note on scalar 'generalized' invexity 1-gen-2012 Carosi, Laura; Cambini, Riccardo
A parametric approach for solving a class of generalized quadratic-transformable rank-two nonconvex programs 1-gen-2012 Cambini, Riccardo; Sodini, Claudio
A unifying approach to solve some classes of rank-three multiplicative and fractional programs involving linear functions 1-gen-2010 Cambini, Riccardo; Sodini, Claudio