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Framing 3-manifolds with bare hands In corso di stampa Benedetti, R.; Lisca, P.; Lisca, Paolo
Horizontal decompositions, I In corso di stampa Lisca, Paolo; Parma, Andrea
On Stein rational balls smoothly but not symplectically embedded in CP^2 1-gen-2022 Lisca, Paolo; Parma, Andrea
On symmetric equivalence of symmetric union diagrams 1-gen-2021 Collari, Carlo; Lisca, Paolo
On almost complex embeddings of rational homology balls 1-gen-2020 Lisca, Paolo; Parma, Andrea
Symmetric union diagrams and refined spin models 1-gen-2019 Collari, C.; Lisca, P.
On 3-braid knots of finite concordance order 1-gen-2017 Lisca, Paolo
On Stein fillings of contact torus bundles 1-gen-2016 Golla, M.; Lisca, Paolo
Open book decompositions versus prime factorizations of closed, oriented 3-manifolds 1-gen-2015 Ghiggini, P.; Lisca, Paolo
Signatures, Heegaard Floer correction terms and quasi-alternating links 1-gen-2015 Lisca, Paolo; Owens, Brendan
Stein fillable contact 3-manifolds and positive open books of genus one 1-gen-2014 Lisca, Paolo
On overtwisted, right-veering open books 1-gen-2012 Lisca, Paolo
Contact surgery and transverse invariants 1-gen-2011 Lisca, Paolo; Stipsicz, A.
Stein fillable Seifert fibered 3-manifolds 1-gen-2011 Lisca, Paolo; G. LECUONA, A.
Heegard Floer invariants of Legendrian knots in contact three-manifolds 1-gen-2009 Lisca, Paolo; Ozsváth, P; Stipsicz, A; Szabó, Z.
On the existence of tight contact structures on Seifert fibered 3-manifolds 1-gen-2009 Lisca, Paolo; Stipsicz, A.
On symplectic fillings of lens spaces 1-gen-2008 Lisca, Paolo
Contact Ozsváth–Szabó invariants and Giroux torsion 1-gen-2007 Lisca, Paolo; Stipsicz, A.
Lens spaces, rational balls and the ribbon conjecture 1-gen-2007 Lisca, Paolo
Ozsvath-Szabo invariants and tight contact three-manifolds, II 1-gen-2007 Lisca, Paolo; Stipsicz, A.