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The bifurcation locus for numbers of bounded type 1-gen-2022 Carminati, C. A. R. L. O.; Tiozzo, G.
On the regularity of Mather's β-function for standard-like twist maps 1-gen-2021 Carminati, C.; Marmi, S.; Sauzin, D.; Sorrentino, A.
Tanaka-Ito alpha-continued fractions and matching 1-gen-2021 Carminati, C; Langeveld, N; Steiner, W
Matching in a family of piecewise affine maps 1-gen-2019 Bruin, Henk; Carminati, Carlo; Marmi, Stefano; Profeti, Alessandro
Continued fractions with sl(2, z)-branches: Combinatorics and entropy 1-gen-2018 Carminati, Carlo; Isola, Stefano; Tiozzo, Giulio
Matching for generalised beta-transformations 1-gen-2017 Bruin, Henk; Carminati, Carlo; Kalle, Charlene
The local Hölder exponent for the dimension of invariant subsets of the circle 1-gen-2017 Carminati, Carlo; Tiozzo, Giulio
There is only one KAM curve 1-gen-2014 Carminati, Carlo; Stefano, Marmi; David, Sauzin
Dynamics of continued fractions and kneading sequences of unimodal maps 1-gen-2013 Bonanno, Claudio; Carminati, Carlo; Isola, S; Tiozzo, G.
Tuning and plateaux for the entropy of α-continued fractions 1-gen-2013 Carminati, Carlo; Tiozzo, G.
A canonical thickening of Q and the dynamics of continued fractions 1-gen-2012 Carminati, Carlo; Tiozzo, G.
The entropy of alpha-continued fractions: numerical results 1-gen-2010 Carminati, Carlo; Tiozzo, G; Marmi, S; Profeti, A.
Linearization of germs: regular dependence on the multiplier 1-gen-2008 Carminati, Carlo; Marmi, Stefano
The fixed energy problem for a class of nonconvex singular Hamiltonian systems 1-gen-2006 Carminati, Carlo; Eric, Sere; Kazunaga, Tanaka
Chaotic dynamics for perturbations of infinite-dimensional Hamiltonian systems 1-gen-2002 Carminati, Carlo; Berti, Massimiliano