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Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase dependent iron reduction and low density lipoprotein oxidation - characterization of a novel mechanism of atherogenesis 1-gen-1999 Paolicchi, Aldo; Minotti, G.; Tonarelli, P.; Tongiani, Roberto; DE CESARE, D.; Mezzetti, A.; Comporti, M.; Pompella, Alfonso
Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase-dependent iron reduction and LDL oxidation--a potential mechanism in atherosclerosis. 1-gen-1999 Paolicchi, Aldo; Minotti, G; Tonarelli, P; Tongiani, Roberto; De Cesare, D; Mezzetti, A; Dominici, S; Comporti, M; Pompella, Alfonso
Effects of curcumin on P-glycoprotein in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes 1-gen-1998 Romiti, Nadia; Tongiani, Roberto; Cervelli, F.; Chieli, Elisabetta
gamma-Glutamyl transpeptidase-dependent lipid peroxidation in isolated hepatocytes and HepG2 hepatoma cells. 1-gen-1997 Paolicchi, Aldo; Tongiani, Roberto; Tonarelli, P.; Comporti, M.; Pompella, Alfonso
The cell-specific antiproliferative effect of reduced glutathione is mediated by gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase-dependent extracellular prooxidant reactions 1-gen-1997 Perego, P.; Paolicchi, Aldo; Tongiani, Roberto; Pompella, Alfonso; Tonarelli, P.; Cerenini, N.; Romanelli, S.; Zunino, F.
Gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase activity in human ovarian carcinoma. 1-gen-1996 Paolicchi, Aldo; Pompella, Alfonso; Tonarelli, P; Gadducci, Angiolo; Genazzani, Andrea; Zunino, F; Pratesi, G; Tongiani, Roberto
Selective colocalization of lipid peroxidation and protein thiol loss in chemically induced hepatic preneoplastic lesions: the role of gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase activity. 1-gen-1996 Pompella, Alfonso; Paolicchi, Aldo; Dominici, Silvia; Comporti, M; Tongiani, Roberto
Effects of flavonols on P-glycoprotein activity in cultured rat hepatocytes 1-gen-1995 Chieli, Elisabetta; Romiti, Nadia; Cervelli, F.; Tongiani, Roberto
The role of the glutathione-dependent system in tumor sensitivity to cisplatin: a study of human tumor xenografts. 1-gen-1995 Pratesi, G; Dal Bo, L; Paolicchi, Aldo; Tonarelli, P; Tongiani, Roberto; Zunino, F.
Differential modulation of P-glycoprotein expression by dexamethasone and 3-methylcholanthrene in rat hepatocyte primary cultures 1-gen-1994 Chieli, Elisabetta; SANTONI RUGIU, Eric; Cervelli, F.; Sabbatini, ANTONIETTA RAFFAELLA MARIA; Petrini, Mario; Romiti, Nadia; Paolicchi, Aldo; Tongiani, Roberto
Influence of rat strain on P-glycoprotein expression in cultured hepatocytes. 1-gen-1994 Chieli, Elisabetta; Romiti, Nadia; Cervelli, F; Paolicchi, Aldo; Tongiani, Roberto
Assessment of P-170-dependent drug transport in isolated rat hepatocytes by the use of rhodamine-123 1-gen-1993 Chieli, Elisabetta; Cervelli, F.; SANTONI RUGIU, E.; Paolicchi, Aldo; Tongiani, Roberto
Inducibility of gamma-glutamyltransferase by dexamethasone in rat liver: relationship with the cytochrome P-450 content. 1-gen-1993 Paolicchi, Aldo; Chieli, Elisabetta; Rugiu, Es; Tongiani, Roberto
Dexamethasone induction of gamma-glutamyl transferase in primary cultures of hepatocytes is enhanced by metyrapone. 1-gen-1990 Paolicchi, Aldo; Chieli, Elisabetta; Tongiani, Roberto
Gamma-glutamyltransferase induction by dexamethasone in cytochrome P-450-depleted rat liver. 1-gen-1990 Tongiani, Roberto; Paolicchi, Aldo; Chieli, Elisabetta
Metyrapone modulation of tyrosine aminotransferase induction by dexamethasone in cultured hepatocytes. 1-gen-1990 Tongiani, Roberto; Piazzolla, S; Paolicchi, Aldo
Gamma-glutamyltransferase induction by glucocorticoids in rat liver: age-dependence, time-dependence, dose-dependence, and intralobular distribution. 1-gen-1989 Tongiani, Roberto; Paolicchi, Aldo
Changes in protein sulfur groups in hepatocytes of newborn rats under glucocorticoid stimulation. 1-gen-1987 Tongiani, Roberto; Paolicchi, Aldo; Nöhammer, G.
Cytological and quantitative cytochemical changes in the hepatocyte population of newborn rats following hydrocortisone administration. 1-gen-1987 Tongiani, Roberto; Paolicchi, Aldo; Chieli, Elisabetta
Gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase induction by cortisol in liver parenchyma of unweaned rats. 1-gen-1984 Tongiani, Roberto; Paolicchi, Aldo; Chieli, Elisabetta