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NA - Nord America 8412
EU - Europa 2469
AS - Asia 799
AF - Africa 170
SA - Sud America 16
OC - Oceania 2
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Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 1
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 8221
SE - Svezia 768
IT - Italia 673
CN - Cina 511
BG - Bulgaria 317
DE - Germania 195
CA - Canada 190
VN - Vietnam 150
UA - Ucraina 149
SN - Senegal 112
FI - Finlandia 104
TR - Turchia 97
GB - Regno Unito 91
CI - Costa d'Avorio 55
RU - Federazione Russa 41
AT - Austria 39
BE - Belgio 20
FR - Francia 20
GR - Grecia 14
ES - Italia 12
BR - Brasile 10
IN - India 8
PL - Polonia 8
SG - Singapore 6
NL - Olanda 5
IR - Iran 4
JP - Giappone 4
IE - Irlanda 3
TW - Taiwan 3
AR - Argentina 2
AU - Australia 2
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 2
HK - Hong Kong 2
IQ - Iraq 2
KR - Corea 2
LI - Liechtenstein 2
MY - Malesia 2
NG - Nigeria 2
NO - Norvegia 2
VE - Venezuela 2
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 1
BD - Bangladesh 1
BS - Bahamas 1
CL - Cile 1
DK - Danimarca 1
EU - Europa 1
GS - Georgia del Sud e Isole Sandwich Australi 1
HU - Ungheria 1
IL - Israele 1
KW - Kuwait 1
KZ - Kazakistan 1
LB - Libano 1
OM - Oman 1
PE - Perù 1
PK - Pakistan 1
RS - Serbia 1
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 1
ZA - Sudafrica 1
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Woodbridge 1615
Fairfield 1142
Houston 930
Ann Arbor 925
Chandler 470
Seattle 467
Ashburn 437
Cambridge 408
Wilmington 375
Sofia 317
Serra 287
Jacksonville 252
Ottawa 183
Beijing 173
Princeton 136
Nanjing 130
Lawrence 116
Dakar 112
Medford 112
Izmir 96
Jüchen 61
Abidjan 55
Dearborn 55
San Diego 52
Des Moines 47
Dong Ket 46
Nanchang 40
Boulder 39
Vienna 34
Florence 31
Hebei 23
Shenyang 22
Falls Church 21
Brussels 20
Bremen 19
Changsha 19
Livorno 19
Pisa 19
Milan 18
Redwood City 18
Kunming 17
London 17
Hefei 13
Jiaxing 13
Norwalk 13
Tianjin 13
Boardman 12
Padova 11
Trento 10
Prato 8
Hangzhou 7
San Giuliano Terme 7
Auburn Hills 6
Changchun 6
Giussano 6
Rome 6
Torino 6
Burgos 5
Edinburgh 5
Frankfurt am Main 5
Los Angeles 5
Lubin 5
Sassari 5
Wuhan 5
Guangzhou 4
Jinan 4
Lucca 4
Marseille 4
Noli 4
Sesto Fiorentino 4
Shanghai 4
Siracusa 4
São Paulo 4
Amherst 3
Atessa 3
Chicago 3
Chieti 3
Detroit 3
Dublin 3
Durham 3
Graz 3
Helsinki 3
Napoli 3
New York 3
Pistoia 3
Quarrata 3
Scarborough 3
Stockholm 3
Tokyo 3
Arezzo 2
Baghdad 2
Buenos Aires 2
Buffalo 2
Capelle 2
Central District 2
Chongqing 2
Coimbatore 2
Colorado Springs 2
Craco 2
Fuzhou 2
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Nome #
Selected cytotoxic gold compounds cause significant inhibition of 20S proteasome catalytic activities 183
Chemistry and Biology of Two Novel Gold(I) Carbene Complexes as Prospective Anticancer Agents 178
New copper(II)/cyclic tetrapeptide system that easily oxidizes to copper(III) under atmospheric oxygen 155
Exploiting soft and hard X-ray absorption spectroscopy to characterize metallodrug/protein interactions: The binding of [trans-RuCl4(Im)(dimethylsulfoxide)][ImH] (Im = imidazole) to bovine serum albumin 153
Chlorido and bromido oxaliplatin analogues as potential agents for CRC treatment: Solution behavior, protein binding and cytotoxicity evaluation 145
The C2 variant of human serum transferrin retains the iron binding properties of the native protein 143
PtI2(DACH), the Iodido Analogue of Oxaliplatin as a Candidate for Colorectal Cancer Treatment: Chemical and Biological Features 137
Exploring Metallodrug–Protein Interactions by ESI Mass Spectrometry: The Reaction of Anticancer Platinum Drugs with Horse Heart Cytochrome c 136
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ESI-MS characterisation of protein adducts of anticancer ruthenium(II)-arene PTA (RAPTA) complexes 134
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Metal compounds as inhibitors of B-amyloid aggregation. Perspectives for an innovative metallotherapeutics on Alzheimer’s disease 128
Gold compounds as anticancer agents: chemistry, cellular pharmacology, and preclinical studies. 127
Structural and Solution Chemistry, Antiproliferative Effects, and DNA and Protein Binding Properties of a Series of Dinuclear Gold(III) Compounds with Bipyridyl Ligands 126
Gold(III) Compounds as anticancer drugs 126
The reaction of artemisinins with hemoglobin: A unified picture 126
Proteomic and Metallomic Strategies for Understanding the Mode of Action of Anticancer Metallodrugs 126
Antiplasmodial Effects of a few Selected Natural Flavonoids and their Modulation of Artemisinin Activity 126
Solution chemistry and cytotoxic properties of novel organogold(III) compounds 125
Auranofin, Et3PAuCl, and Et3PAuI Are Highly Cytotoxic on Colorectal Cancer Cells: A Chemical and Biological Study 125
Peculiar Mechanistic and Structural Features of the Carboplatin-Cytochrome c System Revealed by ESI MS analysis 124
Mass spectrometry and metallomics: A general protocol to assess stability of metallodrug-protein adducts in bottom-up MS experiments 123
Nanoparticles of Mg(OH)2: Synthesis and Application to Paper Conservation 122
Metal-based compounds as prospective antileishmanial agents: Inhibition of Trypanothione reductase by selected gold complexes 122
Photocytotoxic Pt(iv) complexes as prospective anticancer agents 122
Unravelling the Chemical Nature of Copper Cuprizone 120
Antitumor gold(III) complexes 119
X-ray absorption spectroscopy studies of the adducts formed between cytotoxic gold compounds and two major serum proteins 119
cis-Pt I2(NH3)2: a reappraisal 119
Exploring metallodrug-protein interactions by mass spectrometry: comparisons between platinum coordination complexes and an organometallic ruthenium compound 118
Synthesis and Antiproliferative Activity of New Ruthenium Complexes with Ethacrynic Acid-Modified Ligands 118
Reactions of medicinally relevant gold compounds with the C-terminal motif of thioredoxin reductase elucidated by MS analysis 117
The copper(II) coordination abilities of three novel cyclic tetrapeptides with -His-Xaa-His- motif 117
Interaction of a Gold(I) Dicarbene Anticancer Drug with Human Telomeric DNA G-Quadruplex: Solution and Computationally Aided X-ray Diffraction Analysis 116
Outstanding plasmodicidal properties within a small panel of metallic compounds: Hints for the development of new metal-based antimalarials 114
Activity of rat cytosolic thioredoxin reductase is strongly decreased by trans-[bis(2-amino-5- methylthiazole)tetrachlororuthenate(III)]: first report of relevant thioredoxin reductase inhibition for a ruthenium compound 113
Exploring the biochemical mechanisms of cytotoxic gold compounds: a proteomic study 113
ESI mass spectrometry and X-ray diffraction studies of adducts between anticancer platinum drugs and hen egg white lysozyme 112
Metal-based drugs for malaria, trypanosomiasis and leishmaniasis: recent achievements and perspectives 112
The copper(II) binding properties of the cyclic peptide c(HGHK) 111
null 109
Anticancer gold N-Heterocyclic carbene complexes: a comparative in vitro and ex vivo study 109
Selected gold compounds cause pronounced inhibition of Falcipain 2 and effectively block P. falciparum growth in vitro 109
Thioredoxin reductase, an emerging target for anticancer metallodrugs. Enzyme inhibition by cytotoxic gold(III) compounds studied with combined mass spectrometry and biochemical assays 107
Structure-Function Relationships within Keppler-Type Antitumor Ruthenium(III) Complexes: the Case of 2-Aminothiazolium[trans-tetrachlorobis(2-aminothiazole)ruthenate(III)] 106
Hypericins and thioredoxin reductase: Biochemical and docking studies disclose the molecular basis for effective inhibition by naphthodianthrones 106
New uses for old drugs. Auranofin, a clinically established antiarthritic metallodrug, exhibits potent antimalarial effects in vitro: Mechanistic and pharmacological implications 105
Proanthocyanidin glycosides from the leaves of Quercus ilex L. (Fagaceae) 105
Potent in vitro antiproliferative properties for a triplatinum cluster toward triple negative breast cancer cells 105
Synthesis, Structural Characterization, Solution Behavior, and in Vitro Antiproliferative Properties of a Series of Gold Complexes with 2-(2'-Pyridyl)benzimidazole as Ligand: Comparisons of Gold(III) versus Gold(I) and Mononuclear versus Binuclear Derivatives 105
Emerging Protein Targets for Anticancer Metallodrugs: Inhibition of Thioredoxin Reductase and Cathepsin B by Antitumor Ruthenium(II)-Arene Compounds 104
2D-DIGE analysis of ovarian cancer cell responses to cytotoxic gold compounds 104
Protein metalation by metal-based drugs: reactions of cytotoxic gold compounds with cytochrome c and lysozyme 103
Interaction of gold N-heterocyclic carbenes with nucleic acids 103
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Medicinal gold compounds form tight adducts with the copper chaperone Atox-1: biological and pharmacological implications. 102
Novel platinum(II) compounds with O,S bidentate ligands: Synthesis, characterization, antiproliferative properties and biomolecular interactions 102
Cytotoxic Profile and Peculiar Reactivity with Biomolecules of a Novel "Rule-Breaker" Iodidoplatinum(II) Complex 101
Proteomic analysis of ovarian cancer cell responses to cytotoxic gold compounds 101
Butyltin(IV) benzoates: inhibition of thioredoxin reductase, tumor cell growth inhibition, and interactions with proteins 101
New platinum-oxicam complexes as anti-cancer drugs. Synthesis, characterization, release studies from smart hydrogels, evaluation of reactivity with selected proteins and cytotoxic activity in vitro 101
The X-ray Structure of the Adduct between NAMI-A and Carbonic Anhydrase Provides Insights into the Reactivity of this Metallodrug with Proteins 100
Peculiar features in the crystal structure of the adduct formed between cis-PtI2(NH3)2 and hen egg white lysozyme. 100
Reactivity and Biological Properties of a Series of Cytotoxic PtI(2)(amine)(2) Complexes, Either cis or trans Configured 100
Reactions of metallodrugs with proteins: selective binding of phosphane-based platinum(II) dichlorides to horse heart cytochrome c probed by ESI MS coupled to enzymatic cleavage. 99
Chemistry and biology of three representative gold(III) compounds as prospective anticancer agents 99
DOTAP/DOPE and DC-Chol/DOPE Lipoplexes for Gene Delivery studied by Circular Dichroism and Biophysical Techniques 98
Structural and solution chemistry, protein binding and antiproliferative profiles of gold(I)/(III) complexes bearing the saccharinato ligand 98
New insights into the molecular mechanisms of selected anticancer metal compounds through bioinformatic analysis of proteomic data 97
Cell and Cell-Free Mechanistic Studies on Two Gold(III) Complexes with Proven Antitumor Properties 97
Organogold(III) compounds as experimental anticancer agents: chemical and biological profiles 96
Trans-cis-cis-[RuCl(2)(DMSO)(2)(2-amino-5-methyl-thiazole)(2)], (PMRu52), a novel ruthenium(II) compound acting as a strong inhibitor of cathepsin B 95
Proteomic analysis of A2780/S ovarian cancer cell response to the cytotoxic organogold(III) compound Aubipyc 95
Solution Behaviour and Biomolecular Interactions of Two Cytotoxic trans-Platinum(II) Complexes Bearing Aliphatic Amine Ligands 94
[Au2(phen2Me)2(µ-O)2](PF6)2, a Novel Dinuclear Gold(III) Complex Showing Excellent Antiproliferative Properties 94
Ruthenium anticancer drugs and proteins: a study of the interactions of the ruthenium(III) complex imidazolium trans-[tetrachloro(dimethyl sulfoxide)(imidazole)ruthenate(III)] with hen egg white lysozyme and horse heart cytochrome c 94
Structure, solution chemistry, antiproliferative actions and protein binding properties of non-conventional platinum(II) compounds with sulfur and phosphorus donors. 94
Insights on the mechanism of thioredoxin reductase inhibition by Gold N-heterocyclic carbene compounds using the synthetic linear Selenocysteine containing C-terminal peptide hTrxR(488-499): An ESI-MS investigation 92
Nitrate as a probe of cytochrome c surface: Crystallographic identification of crucial "hot spots" for protein-protein recognition 91
The mode of action of anticancer gold-based drugs: A structural perspective 89
Antiproliferative effects of two gold(I)-N-heterocyclic carbene complexes in A2780 human ovarian cancer cells: A comparative proteomic study 89
Proteomic analysis of the cytotoxic effects induced by the organogold(iii) complex Aubipyc in cisplatin-resistant A2780 ovarian cancer cells: further evidence for the glycolytic pathway implication 89
Insights into the molecular mechanisms of protein platination from a case study: the reaction of anticancer platinum(II) iminoethers with horse heart cytochrome c 88
Recent progress in the application of analytical techniques to anticancer metallodrug proteomics 87
Ruthenium arene complexes with triphenylphosphane ligands: Cytotoxicity towards pancreatic cancer cells, interaction with model proteins, and effect of ethacrynic acid substitution 86
Biophysical Characterization of Adducts Formed between Anticancer Metallodrugs and Selected Proteins: New Insights from X-ray Diffraction and Mass Spectrometry Studies 85
Dinuclear Gold(III) Complexes as Potential Anticancer Agents: Structure, Reactivity and Biological Profile of a Series of Gold(III) Oxo-Bridged Derivatives 85
Gold(III) complexes with 2-substituted pyridines as experimental anticancer agents: Solution behavior, reactions with model proteins, antiproliferative properties 85
The molecular mechanisms of antimetastatic ruthenium compounds explored through DIGE proteomics 85
The influence of auranofin, a clinically established antiarthritic gold drug, on bone metabolism: analysis of its effects on human multipotent adipose-derived stem cells, taken as a model 83
Trace Copper(II) or Zinc(II) Ions Drastically Modify the Aggregation Behavior of Amyloid-beta(1-42): An AFM Study 83
Mechanistic studies on two dinuclear organogold(III) compounds showing appreciable antiproliferative properties and a high redox stability 83
Proteins as possible targets for antitumor metal complexes: biophysical studies of their interactions 82
Aluminum, copper, iron and zinc differentially alter amyloid-Abeta(1-42) aggregation and toxicity 80
Gold compounds as cysteine protease inhibitors: perspectives for pharmaceutical application as antiparasitic agents 80
Protein Targets for Anticancer Gold Compounds: Mechanistic Inferences 78
Interactions of the organogold(III) compound Aubipyc with the copper chaperone Atox1: A joint mass spectrometry and circular dichroism investigation 77
Triethylphosphine gold iodide (I), the iodido analogue of Auranofin: comparative studies of a potential antineoplastic agent 77
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