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$$H^1$$ Scattering for Mass-Subcritical NLS with Short-Range Nonlinearity and Initial Data in $$\Sigma $$ 1-gen-2022 Burq, N.; Georgiev, V.; Tzvetkov, N.; Visciglia, N.
$L\sp \infty-L\sp 2$ weighted estimate for the wave equation with potential 1-gen-2003 Gueorguiev, VLADIMIR SIMEONOV; Visciglia, Nicola
A note about the generalized Hardy-Sobolev inequality with potential in L^{p, d} 1-gen-2005 Visciglia, Nicola
A uniqueness result for solutions to subcritical NLS" 1-gen-2008 Vega, L; Visciglia, Nicola
About resonances for Schrödinger operators with short range singular perturbation. 1-gen-2007 Gueorguiev, VLADIMIR SIMEONOV; Visciglia, Nicola
An improvement on the Brézis–Gallouët technique for 2D NLS and 1D half-wave equation 1-gen-2015 Ozawa, Tohru; Visciglia, Nicola
Asymptotic Lower Bounds for a Class of Schroedinger Equations 1-gen-2008 Vega, L; Visciglia, Nicola
Constrained Energy Minimization and ground states for NLS with point defect 1-gen-2013 R., Adami; D., Noja; Visciglia, Nicola
Correction to: Long time dynamics for semi-relativistic NLS and half wave in arbitrary dimension 1-gen-2020 Bellazzini, Jacopo; Vladimir, Georgiev; Visciglia, Nicola
Correction to: On Traveling Solitary Waves and Absence of Small Data Scattering for Nonlinear Half-Wave Equations 1-gen-2021 Bellazzini, Jacopo; Vladimir, Georgiev; Lenzmann, Enno; Visciglia, Nicola
Counterxamples of Strichartz inequalities for Schroedinger equations with repulsive potentials 1-gen-2006 Goldberg, M; Vega, L; Visciglia, Nicola
Decay estimates for the wave equation with potential 1-gen-2003 Visciglia, Nicola; Gueorguiev, VLADIMIR SIMEONOV
Decay and Scattering of Small Solutions of Pure Power NLS in R with p > 3 and with a Potential 1-gen-2014 S., Cuccagna; Gueorguiev, VLADIMIR SIMEONOV; Visciglia, Nicola
Document Scattering for NLS with a delta potential 1-gen-2016 Valeria, Banica; Visciglia, Nicola
Double scattering channels for 1-D NLS in the energy space 1-gen-2018 Forcella, Luigi; Visciglia, Nicola
Endpoint Strichartz estimates for the magnetic Schroedinger equation 1-gen-2010 D'Ancona, P; Fanelli, L; Vega, L; Visciglia, Nicola
Existence and Stability of Standing Waves for Supercritical NLS with a Partial Confinement 1-gen-2017 Bellazzini, Jacopo; Boussaid, Nabile; Jeanjean, Louis; Visciglia, Nicola
Existence of maximizers for Sobolev-Strichartz inequalities 1-gen-2012 Fanelli, L; Vega, L; Visciglia, Nicola
Gaussian measures associated to the higher order conservation laws of the Benjamin-Ono equation 1-gen-2013 Tzvetkov, N; Visciglia, Nicola
Global existence for a class of semilinear perturbed wave equations 1-gen-2004 Visciglia, Nicola