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Landslide phenomena after rainfalls in the recent case of Tellaro (Italy) In corso di stampa Andreini, Marco; DE FALCO, Anna; Giresini, Linda; Sassu, Mauro
Modeling Approaches for the Assessment of Seismic Vulnerability of Masonry Structures: The E-PUSH Program 1-gen-2022 Beconcini, M. L.; Formichi, P.; Giresini, L.; Landi, F.; Puccini, B.; Croce, P.
Economic vs environmental isocost and isoperformance curves for the seismic and energy improvement of buildings considering Life Cycle Assessment 1-gen-2021 Giresini, L.; Stochino, F.; Sassu, M.
Environmental and economic impact of retrofitting techniques to prevent out‐of‐plane failure modes of unreinforced masonry buildings 1-gen-2021 Giresini, Linda; Casapulla, Claudia; Croce, Pietro
Experimental estimation of energy dissipation in rocking masonry walls restrained by an innovative seismic dissipator (LICORD) 1-gen-2021 Giresini, L.; Solarino, F.; Taddei, F.; Mueller, G.
Graphical methods, kinematic and finite element analysis of the Premilcuore masonry bridge 1-gen-2021 Giresini, Linda; DE PAOLA, Daniela; Puppio, MARIO LUCIO; Buratti, Giovanni
Influence of Stiffness and Damping Parameters of Passive Seismic Control Devices in One-Sided Rocking of Masonry Walls 1-gen-2021 Giresini, Linda; Taddei, Francesca; Solarino, Fabio; Mueller, Gerhard; Croce, Pietro
Influence of the elasto-plastic behavior of tie-rods in the response of rocking masonry walls through seismic demand hazard curves 1-gen-2021 Giresini, Linda; Solarino, Fabio; Croce, Pietro
Reduction of Housner’s coefficient of restitution for masonry walls under one-sided rocking 1-gen-2021 Giresini, Linda; Croce, Pietro
Experimental pull-out tests and design indications for strength anchors installed in masonry walls 1-gen-2020 Giresini, Linda; Puppio, MARIO LUCIO; Taddei, Francesca
Integrated Cost-Analysis Approach for Seismic and Thermal Improvement of Masonry Building Façades 1-gen-2020 Giresini, Linda; Paone, Simona; Sassu, Mauro
A new seismic isolation device based on tribological smooth rocking (TROCKSISD) 1-gen-2019 Froli, M.; Giresini, L.; Laccone, F.
Dynamics of a new seismic isolation device based on tribological smooth rocking (TROCKSISD) 1-gen-2019 Froli, Maurizio; Giresini, Linda; Laccone, Francesco
Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures According to Eurocode 8 1-gen-2019 Giresini, Linda; Butenweg, Christoph
Elementi di Tecnica e Tecnologia delle Strutture, Progetto di Strutture a Traliccio e Fondamenti di Ingegneria Sismica 1-gen-2019 Giresini, Linda
Estimation of tensile mechanical parameters of existing masonry through the analysis of the collapse of Volterra’s urban walls 1-gen-2019 Puppio, Ml; Giresini, L
Non-Linear Static and Dynamic Analysis of Rocking Masonry Corners Using Rigid Macro-Block Modelling 1-gen-2019 Casapulla, C.; Giresini, L.; Argiento, L. U.; Maione, A.
One-Sided rocking analysis of corner mechanisms in masonry structures: Influence of geometry, energy dissipation, boundary conditions 1-gen-2019 Giresini, Linda; Solarino, Fabio; Paganelli, Olivia; Oliveira, Daniel; Froli, Maurizio
Out-of-plane seismic response of masonry façades using discrete macro-element and rigid block models 1-gen-2019 Giresini, L.; Panto', Bartolomeo; Caddemi, S.; Calio', IVO DOMENICO
Stochastic assessment of rocking masonry façades under real seismic records 1-gen-2019 Giresini, L.; Taddei, F.; Casapulla, C.; Mueller, G.