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Characterization of polar and non-polar lipids of Hermetia illucens and Tenebrio molitor meals as animal feed ingredients 1-gen-2023 Tognocchi, Monica; Conte, Giuseppe; Rossi, Elisabetta; Perioli, Riccardo; Mantino, Alberto; Serra, Andrea; Mele, Marcello
Effect of Cooking with Superheated (SHS) vs. Standard Steam Oven on the Fatty Acids Profile of Different Kinds of Meat and Fish 1-gen-2023 Tinagli, Sara; Amarie, Roxana Elena; Conte, Giuseppe; Tognocchi, Monica; Mele, Marcello; Mantino, Alberto; Casarosa, Laura; Serra, Andrea
Linseed supplementation in the diet of fattening pigs: Effect on the fatty acid profile of different pork cuts 1-gen-2023 Tognocchi, M.; Conte, G.; Mantino, A.; Foggi, G.; Casarosa, L.; Tinagli, S.; Turini, L.; Scicutella, F.; Mele, M.; Serra, A.
Effect of dietary black soldier fly larvae meal on fatty acid composition of lipids and sn-2 position of triglycerides of marketable size gilthead sea bream fillets 1-gen-2022 Pulido, L.; Secci, G.; Maricchiolo, G.; Gasco, L.; Gai, F.; Serra, A.; Conte, G.; Parisi, G.
Exploring the relationship between bacterial genera and lipid metabolism in bovine rumen 1-gen-2022 Conte, G.; Dimauro, C.; Daghio, M.; Serra, A.; Mannelli, F.; Mcammond, B. M.; Van Hamme, J. D.; Buccioni, A.; Viti, C.; Mantino, A.; Mele, M.
Study of the Fatty Acid Profile of Milk in Different Sheep Breeds: Evaluation by Multivariate Factorial Analysis 1-gen-2022 Conte, G.; Palombo, V.; Serra, A.; Correddu, F.; D'Andrea, M.; Macciotta, N. P. P.; Mele, M.
Supplementation of Enriched Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and CLA Cheese on High Fat Diet: Effects on Lipid Metabolism and Fat Profile 1-gen-2022 Tognocchi, M.; Conte, M.; Testai, L.; Martucci, M.; Serra, A.; Salvioli, S.; Calderone, V.; Mele, M.; Conte, G.
Correlation of Breed, Growth Performance, and Rumen Microbiota in Two Rustic Cattle Breeds Reared Under Different Conditions 1-gen-2021 Daghio, M.; Ciucci, F.; Buccioni, A.; Cappucci, A.; Casarosa, L.; Serra, A.; Conte, G.; Viti, C.; Mcammond, B. M.; Van Hamme, J. D.; Mele, M.
Diets supplemented with condensed and hydrolysable tannins affected rumen fatty acid profile and plasmalogen lipids, ammonia and methane production in an in vitro study 1-gen-2021 Cappucci, A.; Mantino, A.; Buccioni, A.; Casarosa, L.; Conte, G.; Serra, A.; Mannelli, F.; Luciano, G.; Foggi, G.; Mele, M.
Fatty acid metabolism in lambs supplemented with different condensed and hydrolysable tannin extracts 1-gen-2021 Valenti, B.; Campidonico, L.; Natalello, A.; Lanza, M.; Salami, S. A.; Priolo, A.; Serra, A.; Pauselli, M.; Luciano, G.
Histochemical characterisation and gene expression analysis of skeletal muscles from maremmana and aubrac steers reared on grazing and feedlot systems 1-gen-2021 Foggi, G.; Ciucci, F.; Conte, M.; Casarosa, L.; Serra, A.; Giannessi, E.; Lenzi, C.; Salvioli, S.; Conte, G.; Mele, M.
Novel Yeasts Producing High Levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Organic Acids in Fermented Doughs 1-gen-2021 Palla, Michela; Conte, Giuseppe; Grassi, Arianna; Esin, Semih; Serra, Andrea; Mele, Marcello; Giovannetti, Manuela; Agnolucci, Monica
Profile of fatty acid lipid fractions of omega-3 fatty acid-enriched table eggs 1-gen-2021 Corrales-Retana, L.; Ciucci, F.; Conte, G.; Casarosa, L.; Mele, M.; Serra, A.
Transcriptome Adaptation of the Ovine Mammary Gland to Dietary Supplementation of Extruded Linseed 1-gen-2021 Conte, Giuseppe; Giordani, Tommaso; Vangelisti, Alberto; Serra, Andrea; Pauselli, Mariano; Cavallini, Andrea; Mele, Marcello
Effect of the Leavening Agent on the Compositional and Sensorial Characteristics of Bread Fortified with Flaxseed Cake 1-gen-2020 Taglieri, Isabella; Sanmartin, Chiara; Venturi, Francesca; Macaluso, Monica; Zinnai, Angela; Tavarini, Silvia; Serra, Andrea; Conte, Giuseppe; Flamini, Guido; Angelini, Luciana G.
Flaxseed Cake as a Tool for the Improvement of Nutraceutical and Sensorial Features of Sourdough Bread 1-gen-2020 Sanmartin, Chiara; Taglieri, Isabella; Venturi, Francesca; Macaluso, Monica; Zinnai, Angela; Tavarini, Silvia; Botto, Asia; Serra, Andrea; Conte, Giuseppe; Flamini, Guido; Angelini, Luciana G
Multivariate factor analysis of milk fatty acid composition in relation to the somatic cell count of single udder quarters 1-gen-2020 Turini, L.; Conte, G.; Bonelli, F.; Serra, A.; Sgorbini, M.; Mele, M.
Nutraceutical and technological properties of buffalo and sheep cheese produced by the addition of kiwi juice as a coagulant 1-gen-2020 Serra, A.; Conte, G.; Corrales-Retana, L.; Casarosa, L.; Ciucci, F.; Mele, M.
The smell of longevity: a combination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can discriminate centenarians and their offspring from age-matched subjects and young controls 1-gen-2020 Conte, Maria; Conte, Giuseppe; Martucci, Morena; Monti, Daniela; Casarosa, Laura; Serra, Andrea; Mele, Marcello; Franceschi, Claudio; Salvioli, Stefano
Association study between backfat fatty acid composition and SNPs in candidate genes highlights the effect of FASN polymorphism in large white pigs 1-gen-2019 Zappaterra, M.; Luise, D.; Zambonelli, P.; Mele, M.; Serra, A.; Costa, L. N.; Davoli, R.