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A combined energetic and economic approach for the sustainable design of geothermal plants 1-gen-2014 Franco, Alessandro; Vaccaro, Maurizio
A design methodology for thermal storages in heat pump systems to reduce partial-load losses 1-gen-2022 Conti, P; Franco, A; Bartoli, C; Testi, D
A double-point moving source model for predicting seam geometry in laser welding 1-gen-2013 Romoli, Luca; Musacchio, A; Franco, Alessandro; Fierro, Mc; Dini, Gino
A general method for the optimum design of heat recovery steam generators 1-gen-2006 Franco, Alessandro; Giannini, N.
A Mathematical Model to Simulate Combustion in a Two-Stroke Engine Computer Simulation Program 1-gen-1993 Martorano, Luigi; Franco, Alessandro
A method for optimal operation of HVAC with heat pumps for reducing the energy demand of large-scale non residential buildings 1-gen-2021 Franco, A.; Miserocchi, L.; Testi, D.
A methodological approach to reservoirs numerical simulation for sustainable design of geothermal plants 1-gen-2013 Franco, Alessandro; Vaccaro, Maurizio
A thermo-economic based method for the design of process heat solar systems 1-gen-2020 Franco, A.; Bertola, G.
A Thermodynamic Based Approach for the Multicriteria Assessment of Energy Conversion Systems 1-gen-2006 Franco, Alessandro; DIAZ VAZQUEZ, A. R.
A thermoeconomic approach to the analysis of geothermal plants 1-gen-2013 Vaccaro, M; Franco, Alessandro
A thermoeconomic based method for the design of process heat solar systems 1-gen-2019 Franco, Alessandro; Bertola, Giacomo
Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics for fossil fuel power generation 1-gen-2008 Franco, Alessandro
An analytical method for the optimum thermal design of convective longitudinal fin arrays 1-gen-2009 Franco, Alessandro
An Analytical Model of the Selective Laser Sintering of Pre-Coated Sands for Shell-Moulding 1-gen-2001 Dini, Gino; Franco, Alessandro; Lanzetta, Michele; Santochi, Marco; G., Tantussi
An apparatus for the routine measurement of thermal conductivity of materials for building application based on a transient hot-wire method 1-gen-2007 Franco, Alessandro
An approach for the analysis and the optimum design of power plants incorporating first and Second Law of Thermodynamics 1-gen-2004 Franco, Alessandro; Giannini, N.
An experimental device for analysis of heat and mass flow rate in small size two phase thermosyphons 1-gen-2012 Filippeschi, Sauro; Franco, Alessandro
An Experimental Device for Thermal and Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Small Dimensions Two-Phase Loops 1-gen-2011 Filippeschi, Sauro; Franco, Alessandro
An experimental investigation and optimization of screen mesh heat pipes for low-mid temperature applications 1-gen-2017 Jafari, Davoud; Shamsi, Hamidereza; Filippeschi, Sauro; DI MARCO, Paolo; Franco, Alessandro
An experimental investigation on the evaporation and condensation heat transfer of two-phase closed thermosyphons 1-gen-2017 Jafari, Davoud; Di Marco, Paolo; Filippeschi, Sauro; Franco, Alessandro