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General relativity and its applications : black holes, compact stars and gravitational waves 32
Coupling of radial and non-radial oscillations of neutron stars 23
Tensor-multi-scalar theories: relativistic stars and 3 + 1 decomposition 22
Detecting Scalar Fields with Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals 22
Black-Hole Bombs and Photon-Mass Bounds 22
Black Hole Collisions in Asymptotically de Sitter SpacetimesRelativity and Gravitation 22
Black holes in a box 21
Black holes, gravitational waves and fundamental physics: A roadmap 21
Higher-dimensional puncture initial data 21
Coupling of radial and non-radial oscillations of relativistic stars: gauge-invariant formalism 21
Constraining black holes with light boson hair and boson stars using epicyclic frequencies and quasiperiodic oscillations 20
Detecting fundamental fields with LISA observations of gravitational waves from extreme mass-ratio inspirals 20
Black holes in Einstein-Gauß-Bonnet-dilaton theory 20
Constraining the equation of state of nuclear matter with gravitational wave observations: Tidal deformability and tidal disruption 20
Are post-Newtonian templates faithful and effectual in detecting gravitational signals from neutron star binaries? 20
No consistent cross-interactions for a collection of massless spin-2 fields 20
Comment on "Kerr Black Holes as Particle Accelerators to Arbitrarily High Energy" 19
PREFACE — NR/HEP2: Spring School on Numerical Relativity and High Energy Physics 19
Numerical relativity and high energy physics: Recent developments 19
3D superconformal theories from Sasakian seven-manifolds: new nontrivial evidences for AdS4/CFT3 19
Gravitational Waves from Single Neutron Stars: An Advanced Detector Era Survey 19
Applications of the close-limit approximation: horizonless compact objects and scalar fields 18
Gravitoelectromagnetic Perturbations of Kerr-Newman Black Holes: Stability and Isospectrality in the Slow-Rotation Limit 18
Black hole particle emission in higher-dimensional spacetimes 18
Dissipation in relativistic superfluid neutron stars 18
On the validity of the adiabatic approximation in compact binary inspirals 17
Numerical relativity in higher dimensions 17
Numerical Relativity in D dimensional space-times: Collisions of unequal mass black holes 17
Gravitational waves from neutron stars described by modern EOS 17
Black holes and binary mergers in scalar Gauss-Bonnet gravity: Scalar field dynamics 17
An exotic theory of massless spin-two fields in three dimensions 17
Testing general relativity with present and future astrophysical observations 16
Rotating black holes in Einstein-dilaton-Gauss-Bonnet gravity with finite coupling 16
Quasi-normal modes and gravitational wave astronomy 16
Testing gravity with quasi-periodic oscillations from accreting black holes: the case of the Einstein-Dilaton-Gauss-Bonnet theory 16
Coupling of radial and axial non-radial oscillations of compact stars: gravitational waves from first-order differential rotation 16
Recent progress on the tidal deformability of spinning compact objects 16
Gravitational Waves from Rotating Proto-Neutron Stars 16
Relativistic r-modes and shear viscosity 15
Spontaneous scalarization of black holes and compact stars from a Gauss-Bonnet coupling 15
Transformation of the multipolar components of gravitational radiation under rotations and boosts 15
Parametrized ringdown spin expansion coefficients: A data-analysis framework for black-hole spectroscopy with multiple events 15
Preface by the editors 15
Tidal Love numbers of a slowly spinning neutron star 15
Tidal interaction in compact binaries: A post-Newtonian affine framework 15
Gravitational energy loss in high-energy particle collisions: ultrarelativistic plunge into a multidimensional black hole 15
Gravitational signals emitted by a point mass orbiting a neutron star: a perturbative approach 14
Structure, deformations and gravitational wave emission of magnetars 14
Relativistic astrophysics at GR20 14
Relativistic models of magnetars: structure and deformations 14
Exploring New Physics Frontiers Through Numerical Relativity 14
Nucleon Superfluidity and its Influence on Damping of Neutron Star Oscillations 13
From micro to macro and back: Probing near-horizon quantum structures with gravitational waves 13
A hybrid approach to black hole perturbations from extended matter sources 13
Hawking emission of gravitons in higher dimensions: non-rotating black holes 13
Relativistic models of magnetars: the twisted-torus magnetic field configuration 13
Nonlinear N-parameter spacetime perturbations: gauge transformations 13
N=8 BPS Black Holes with 1/2 or 1/4 Supersymmetry and Solvable Lie Algebra Decomposition 13
Non-radial oscillation modes as a probe of density discontinuities in neutron stars 13
Gravitational signature of Schwarzschild black holes in dynamical Chern-Simons gravity 12
Gravitational Wave asteroseismology reexamined 12
Electromagnetism and hidden vector fields in modified gravity theories: Spontaneous and induced vectorization 12
Scalar, electromagnetic, and gravitational perturbations of Kerr-Newman black holes in the slow-rotation limit 12
Rotational effects on the oscillation frequencies of newly born proto-neutron stars 12
Threshold anomalies in Horava-Lifshitz-type theories 12
The return of the membrane paradigm? Black holes and strings in the water tap 12
Stellar pulsations excited by a scattered mass 12
Relativistic r-modes and shear viscosity: Regularizing the continuous spectrum 12
Quasinormal modes of superfluid neutron stars 12
Non-semisimple gaugings of D=5 N=8 supergravity 12
Self-interactions and spontaneous black hole scalarization 11
Gravitational waves from extreme mass-ratio inspirals in dynamical Chern-Simons gravity 11
Post-Newtonian spin-tidal couplings for compact binaries 11
On the perturbations of a non-rotating star excited by a massive source. I. The matching conditions at the surface of the star 11
Structure and deformations of strongly magnetized neutron stars with twisted-torus configurations 11
Neutron star tidal disruption in mixed binaries: The imprint of the equation of state 11
Non-adiabatic oscillations of compact stars in general relativity 11
Floating and Sinking: The Imprint of Massive Scalars around Rotating Black Holes 11
Testing the black hole 'no-hair' hypothesis 10
Prospects for fundamental physics with LISA 10
Tidal deformations of a spinning compact object 10
On the perturbation of non-rotating compact objects excited by massive sources 10
Perturbative approach to the structure of rapidly rotating neutron stars 10
Evolution of a proto-neutron star with a nuclear many-body equation of state: Neutrino luminosity and gravitational wave frequencies 10
Light scalar field constraints from gravitational-wave observations of compact binaries 10
Head-on collisions of unequal mass black holes in D=5 dimensions 10
Dynamics of black holes in de Sitter spacetimes 9
Rotating protoneutron stars: Spin evolution, maximum mass, and I-Love-Q relations 9
Non-linear relativistic perturbation theory with two parameters 9
Magnetic tidal Love numbers clarified 9
Inconsistency of interacting, multi-graviton theories 9
M-theory on AdS4 × M^111: the complete Osp(2|4) × SU(3) × SU(2) spectrum from harmonic analysis 9
Perturbations of slowly rotating black holes: Massive vector fields in the Kerr metric 9
Quark matter imprint on gravitational waves from oscillating stars 9
Recent developments in the tidal deformability of spinning compact objects 9
Numerical relativity for D dimensional axially symmetric space-times: Formalism and code tests 9
Impact of high-order tidal terms on binary neutron-star waveforms 9
N=8 Gaugings Revisited: an Exaustive Classification 8
Numerical relativity for D dimensional space-times: Head-on collisions of black holes and gravitational wave extraction 8
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