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An introduction to TWG24: Representations in mathematics teaching and learning 1-gen-2024 Finesilver, Carla; Baccaglini-Frank, Anna; Miragliotta, Elisa; O’Brien, Kate C.
Digital Curriculum Resources in Digital Mathematics Curriculum: Design Features and Implementation 1-gen-2024 Leung, Allen; Baccaglini-Frank, Anna; Bokhove, Christian; Nagari-Haddif, Galit; Yerushalmy, Michal
Enhancing Geometric Skills with Digital Technology: The Case of Dynamic Geometry 1-gen-2024 Leung, Allen; Baccaglini-Frank, Anna; Mariotti, Maria Alessandra; Miragliotta, Elisa
Exploiting the Potential of Dynamic Asymmetry in Dragging to Foster Students’ Understanding of Functions and Their Cartesian Graphs 1-gen-2024 Baccaglini-Frank, Anna; Antonini, Samuele; Lisarelli, Giulia
Exploring Mathematical Learning Opportunities Afforded by a Balanced Scale Digital Activity 1-gen-2024 Weingarden, Merav; Lisarelli, Giulia; Baccaglini-Frank, Anna
How Learning to Speak the Language of a Computer-Based Digital Environment Can Plant Seeds of Algebraic Generalisation: The Case of a 12-Year-Old Student and eXpresser 1-gen-2024 Baccaglini-Frank, Anna E.; Geraniol, Erini; Hoyles, Celia; Noss, Richard
Sense-making in algebraic mathematizing discourse: The profiles of Bea and Nico 1-gen-2024 Macchioni, Elena; Lisarelli, Giulia; Miragliotta, Elisa; Baccaglini-Frank, Anna
Early Childhood Mathematics Education Research: Overview of Latest Developments And Looking Ahead 1-gen-2023 Elia, Iliada; Baccaglini-Frank, Anna; Levenson, Esther; Matsuo, Nanae; Feza, Nozisi; Lisarelli, Giulia
Gioele's attempt to incorporate the "solve it" ritual in his meaningful discourse on equations 1-gen-2023 Funghi, Silvia; Baccaglini-Frank, Anna; Antonini, Samuele
Intermittent hypoxia treatments cause cellular priming in human microglia 1-gen-2023 DE FELICE, Martina; Germelli, Lorenzo; Piccarducci, Rebecca; DA POZZO, Eleonora; Giacomelli, Chiara; Baccaglini-Frank, Anna; Martini, Claudia
Introduction to the Special Issue “Supporting Transitions Within, Across and Beyond Digital Experiences for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics” 1-gen-2023 Geraniou, Eirini; Baccaglini-Frank, Anna; Finesilver, Carla; Mavrikis, Manolis
Learning geometry in primary school: GGBot as an instrument of semiotic mediation 1-gen-2023 Baccaglini-Frank, Anna; Miragliotta, Elisa; Santi, George
Lower secondary students' reasoning competency in a digital environment: the case of instrumented justification 1-gen-2023 Baccaglini-Frank, Anna; Gregersen, Rikke Maagaard
Review of the book: The Mathematics Teacher in the Digital Era - second edition 1-gen-2023 Baccaglini-Frank, Anna; Lisarelli, Giulia
Supporting Transitions Within, Across and Beyond Digital Experiences for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics (part 1) 1-gen-2023 Baccaglini-Frank, Anna
Supporting Transitions Within, Across and Beyond Digital Experiences for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics (part 2) 1-gen-2023 Baccaglini-Frank, Anna
Theory and practice of Designing embodied mathematics learning 1-gen-2023 Palatnik, Alik; Abrahamson, Dor; Baccaglini-Frank, Anna; Ng, Oi-Lam; Shvarts, Anna; Swidan, Osama
Towards a technocritical mathematics education 1-gen-2023 Jankvist, Uffe Thomas; Misfeldt, Morten; Geraniou, Eirini; Sánchez Aguilar, Mario; Baccaglini-Frank, Anna Ethelwyn
"Doing well" in the Teaching for Robust Understanding approach revealed by the lens of the semiotic potential of tasks with the GGBot 1-gen-2022 Baccaglini-Frank, Anna; Mariotti, Maria Alessandra
18 software didattici di accompagnamento e consolidamento per le guide di PerContare classi III, IV e V 1-gen-2022 Norfo, Alessandro; Funghi, Silvia; Ramploud, Alessandro; Baccaglini-Frank, Anna