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A statistical approach to describe the ripening evolution of sangiovese grapes coming from different chianti classico sub-areas 1-gen-2021 Bianchi, A.; Taglieri, I.; Rimbotti Antinori, V.; Palla, F.; Macaluso, M.; Ferroni, G.; Sanmartin, C.; Venturi, F.; Zinnai, A.
Apple peel extracts as preservation solution to maintain the quality of fresh-cut apples 1-gen-2022 Bartolini, S.; Pozzo, L.; Venturi, F.; Sanmartin, C.; Taglieri, I.; Macaluso, M.; Trivellini, A.; Orlando, M.; Zinnai, A.; Sodi, A. M.
Application of Five Different Chlorella sp. Microalgal Strains for the Treatment of Vegetation Waters Derived from Unconventional Oil Extractions Enriched with Citrus Byproducts 1-gen-2022 Macaluso, Monica; Chiellini, Carolina; Ciurli, Adriana; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo; Najar, Basma; Taglieri, Isabella; Sanmartin, Chiara; Bianchi, Alessandro; Venturi, Francesca; Zinnai, Angela
Bread Fortified with Cooked Purple Potato Flour and Citrus Albedo: An Evaluation of Its Compositional and Sensorial Properties 1-gen-2021 Taglieri, Isabella; Sanmartin, Chiara; Venturi, Francesca; Macaluso, Monica; Bianchi, Alessandro; Sgherri, Cristina; Quartacci, Mike Frank; De Leo, Marinella; Pistelli, Luisa; Palla, Fabrizio; Flamini, Guido; Zinnai, Angela
By-products from winemaking and olive mill value chains for the enrichment of refined olive oil: Technological challenges and nutraceutical features 1-gen-2020 Macaluso, M.; Bianchi, A.; Sanmartin, C.; Taglieri, I.; Venturi, F.; Testai, L.; Flori, L.; Calderone, V.; De Leo, M.; Braca, A.; Ciccone, V.; Donnini, S.; Guidi, L.; Zinnai, A.
Chemical vs. Enzymatic refining to produce peanut oil for edible use or to obtain a sustainable and cost-effective protector for stored grains against Sitophilus zeamais (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) 1-gen-2022 Macaluso, Monica; Farina, Priscilla; Rossi, Linda; Bianchi, Alessandro; Venturi, Francesca; Chiriboga Ortega, Rodrigo Daniel; Bedini, Stefano; Conti, Barbara; Guidi, Luca; Zinnai, Angela
Chitosan and Essential Oils Combined for Beef Meat Protection against the Oviposition of Calliphora vomitoria, Water Loss, Lipid Peroxidation, and Colour Changes 1-gen-2022 Farina, Priscilla; Ascrizzi, Roberta; Bedini, Stefano; Castagna, Antonella; Flamini, Guido; Macaluso, Monica; Mannucci, Alessia; Pieracci, Ylenia; Ranieri, Annamaria; Sciampagna, Maria Calogera; Venturi, Francesca; Conti, Barbara
Co-fermentation of intact grape clusters and stalk: a natural and economical strategy to modulate nutraceutical and sensory features of Syrah variety 1-gen-2019 Sanmartin, C.; Taglieri, I.; Venturi, F.; Ferroni, G.; Flamini, G.; Macaluso, M.; Salutij, A.; Andrich, G.; Zinnai, A.
Cold-Pressing Olive Oil in the Presence of Cryomacerated Leaves of Olea or Citrus: Nutraceutical and Sensorial Features. 1-gen-2019 Sanmartin, Chiara; Taglieri, Isabella; Macaluso, Monica; Sgherri, Cristina; Ascrizzi, Roberta; Flamini, Guido; Venturi, Francesca; Quartacci, MIKE FRANK; Luro, François; Curk, Franck; Pistelli, Luisa; Zinnai, Angela
Comparison between kinetics of hexose conversion in model solution and must carried on by two different yeast strains 1-gen-2018 Taglieri, I.; Nari, A.; Macaluso, M.; Sgherri, C.; Zinnai, A.
Development of fortified citrus olive oils: From their production to their nutraceutical properties on the cardiovascular system 1-gen-2020 Flori, L.; Macaluso, M.; Taglieri, I.; Sanmartin, C.; Sgherri, C.; De Leo, M.; Ciccone, V.; Donnini, S.; Venturi, F.; Pistelli, L.; Martelli, A.; Calderone, V.; Testai, L.; Zinnai, A.
Effect of Argon as Filling Gas of the Storage Atmosphere on the Shelf-Life of Sourdough Bread—Case Study on PDO Tuscan Bread 1-gen-2022 Bianchi, Alessandro; Taglieri, Isabella; Zinnai, Angela; Macaluso, Monica; Sanmartin, Chiara; Venturi, Francesca
Effect of the Leavening Agent on the Compositional and Sensorial Characteristics of Bread Fortified with Flaxseed Cake 1-gen-2020 Taglieri, Isabella; Sanmartin, Chiara; Venturi, Francesca; Macaluso, Monica; Zinnai, Angela; Tavarini, Silvia; Serra, Andrea; Conte, Giuseppe; Flamini, Guido; Angelini, Luciana G.
Extra Virgin Olive Oils produced from whole and pitted olives using Argon as malaxation gaseous atmosphere: synergic effect of two different strategies to improve oil quality. 1-gen-2020 Macaluso, Monica; Bianchi, Alessandro; Sanmartin, Chiara; Taglieri, Isabella; Venturi, Francesca; Pistelli, Luisa; Zinnai, Angela
Flaxseed Cake as a Tool for the Improvement of Nutraceutical and Sensorial Features of Sourdough Bread 1-gen-2020 Sanmartin, Chiara; Taglieri, Isabella; Venturi, Francesca; Macaluso, Monica; Zinnai, Angela; Tavarini, Silvia; Botto, Asia; Serra, Andrea; Conte, Giuseppe; Flamini, Guido; Angelini, Luciana G
Impact of different packaging and capping systems on the secondary shelf-life of white wine 1-gen-2022 Bianchi, A; Taglieri, I; Sanmartin, C; Macaluso, M; Venturi, F; Zinnai, A
Improvement of Cesanese d'Affile wine expression: The addition of solid carbon dioxide for the valorization of an autochthonous vine 1-gen-2018 Taglieri, I.; Macaluso, M.; Cappello, J.; Andrich, G.; Zinnai, A.
Improvement of varietal Nero D'Avola and Frappato based wines: implication of blending practice 1-gen-2018 Sanmartin, C; Macaluso, Monica; Sgherri, C; Ferroni, G; Venturi, F
Influence of the Atmosphere Composition during Malaxation and Storage on the Shelf Life of an Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Preliminary Results 1-gen-2021 Macaluso, M.; Taglieri, I.; Venturi, F.; Sanmartin, C.; Bianchi, A.; De Leo, M.; Braca, A.; Quartacci, M. F.; Zinnai, A.
Lactose: Characteristics, Food and Drug-Related Applications, and Its Possible Substitutions in Meeting the Needs of People with Lactose Intolerance 1-gen-2022 Dominici, Simona; Marescotti, Francesca; Sanmartin, Chiara; Macaluso, Monica; Taglieri, Isabella; Venturi, Francesca; Zinnai, Angela; Facioni, Maria Sole