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Complexity and T-invariant of Abelian and Milnor groups, and complexity of 3-manifolds 1-gen-2008 Pervova, Ekaterina; Petronio, Carlo
Complexity of links in 3-manifolds 1-gen-2009 Pervova, Ekaterina; Petronio, Carlo
Diffeological Clifford algebras and pseudo-bundles of Clifford modules 1-gen-2016 Pervova, Ekaterina
Diffeological connections on diffeological vector pseudo-bundles 1-gen-2016 Pervova, Ekaterina
Diffeological De Rham operators 1-gen-2017 Pervova, Ekaterina
Diffeological Dirac operators and diffeological gluing 1-gen-2017 Pervova, Ekaterina
Diffeological gluing of vector pseudo-bundles and pseudo-metrics on them 1-gen-2017 Pervova, Ekaterina
Diffeological Levi-Civita connections 1-gen-2017 Pervova, Ekaterina
Diffeological vector pseudo-bundles 1-gen-2016 Pervova, Ekaterina
Differential 1-forms on diffeological spaces and diffeological gluing 1-gen-2016 Pervova, Ekaterina
Everywhere dense subgroups of one group of tree automorphisms 1-gen-2000 Pervova, Ekaterina
Finite-dimensional diffeological vector spaces being and not being coproducts 1-gen-2022 Pervova, Ekaterina
Generalized Mom-structures and ideal triangulations of 3-manifolds with non-spherical boundary 1-gen-2012 Pervova, Ekaterina
Groups of tree automorphisms as diffeological groups 1-gen-2015 Pervova, Ekaterina
Lower bounds on the complexity of three-dimensional manifolds 1-gen-2001 S., Matveev; Pervova, Ekaterina
Maximal subgroups of some non locally finite p-groups 1-gen-2005 Pervova, Ekaterina
Morse functions on simple polyhedra and a related way of presenting special spines of manifolds 1-gen-2003 Pervova, Ekaterina
Multilinear algebra in the context of diffeology 1-gen-2015 Pervova, Ekaterina
Notes on the complexity of 3-valent graphs in 3-manifolds 1-gen-2012 Pervova, Ekaterina; Petronio, Carlo; Sasso, V.
On colored Turaev-Viro invariants for links in arbitrary 3-manifolds 1-gen-2009 Pervova, Ekaterina; Petronio, Carlo