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Continente #
NA - Nord America 9473
EU - Europa 3074
AS - Asia 1621
AF - Africa 65
SA - Sud America 25
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 23
OC - Oceania 3
Totale 14284
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 9022
CN - Cina 1001
SE - Svezia 724
BG - Bulgaria 582
IT - Italia 540
CA - Canada 448
TR - Turchia 352
DE - Germania 333
UA - Ucraina 329
FI - Finlandia 211
VN - Vietnam 193
GB - Regno Unito 141
CI - Costa d'Avorio 45
RU - Federazione Russa 39
FR - Francia 38
GR - Grecia 38
BE - Belgio 26
IN - India 24
EU - Europa 23
NL - Olanda 18
BR - Brasile 16
AT - Austria 14
SN - Senegal 14
JP - Giappone 12
KR - Corea 11
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 7
CH - Svizzera 6
HK - Hong Kong 6
CL - Cile 5
IL - Israele 5
HR - Croazia 4
HU - Ungheria 4
ID - Indonesia 4
IR - Iran 4
PK - Pakistan 4
PL - Polonia 4
AU - Australia 3
NG - Nigeria 3
PT - Portogallo 3
RO - Romania 3
CO - Colombia 2
ES - Italia 2
MX - Messico 2
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 1
AL - Albania 1
BD - Bangladesh 1
DK - Danimarca 1
EC - Ecuador 1
IE - Irlanda 1
IS - Islanda 1
LB - Libano 1
LT - Lituania 1
MA - Marocco 1
MK - Macedonia 1
PA - Panama 1
SA - Arabia Saudita 1
SC - Seychelles 1
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 1
TW - Taiwan 1
VA - Santa Sede (Città del Vaticano) 1
VE - Venezuela 1
ZA - Sudafrica 1
Totale 14284
Città #
Woodbridge 1881
Ann Arbor 1299
Houston 1013
Chandler 958
Fairfield 679
Sofia 579
Jacksonville 487
Ottawa 435
Beijing 351
Izmir 333
Wilmington 294
Seattle 283
Ashburn 259
Cambridge 224
Nanjing 212
Princeton 205
Lawrence 204
Medford 126
Dearborn 114
Jüchen 95
Dong Ket 93
Des Moines 85
Nanchang 76
Serra 71
Shenyang 54
Kunming 53
Abidjan 45
Changsha 44
San Diego 43
Tianjin 41
Boulder 37
Bremen 34
Redwood City 32
Milan 30
Hebei 28
Brussels 26
Norwalk 26
Düsseldorf 25
Boardman 24
Falls Church 24
Jiaxing 21
Orange 21
Hangzhou 18
Augusta 16
London 15
Dakar 14
Hefei 13
Los Angeles 13
Vienna 13
San Francisco 12
Lanzhou 11
Massa 11
Changchun 10
Chicago 10
Mumbai 10
Shanghai 10
Jinan 9
Rome 9
San Mateo 9
Zhengzhou 9
Auburn Hills 8
Florence 8
Guangzhou 8
Napoli 8
North York 7
Pisa 7
Westminster 7
Edinburgh 6
Indiana 6
Lancaster 6
Marseille 6
Adana 5
Central District 5
Frankfurt am Main 5
Livorno 5
Monmouth Junction 5
New York 5
Orléans 5
Perugia 5
Scuola 5
Toronto 5
Verona 5
Zurich 5
Bari 4
Budapest 4
Formia 4
Jakarta 4
Leawood 4
Philadelphia 4
Phoenix 4
Salerno 4
Santiago 4
Tokyo 4
Xian 4
Zagreb 4
Costa Mesa 3
Durham 3
Fuzhou 3
Grafing 3
Hadera 3
Totale 11376
Nome #
L’interazione del DNA con coloranti fluorescenti appartenenti alla famiglia delle cianine 173
Quantum-mechanical and spectral studies on the Thiazole Orange (TO) fluorophore: dimerisation and DNA intercalation 150
DNA interaction with Ru(II) and Ru(II)/Cu(II) complexes containing azamacrocycle and dppz residues. A thermodynamic, kinetic and theoretical study 143
Left-handed DNA: intercalation of the cyanine thiazole orange and structural changes. A kinetic and thermodynamic approach 137
Gallium(III)/4-(2-Pyridylazo)resorcinol System in Water and SDS solution: Kinetics and Thermodynamics 130
Kinetics and Equilibria in the System Pyrophosphate-Nickel(II). Evidence for Two Parallel Reaction Paths. Influence of Ionic Strength on the Ion Pair Constant 125
DNA binding by a new metallointercalator that contains a proflavine group bearing a hanging chelating unit 125
A Kinetic Study of the Reaction between Peroxidisulphate Ion and Iodine 123
A kinetic Study of the Reaction between Vanadium(v) and Iodide Ions 121
Kinetics and Equilibria of the Interaction of 8-Hydroxyquinoline with Gallium(III) in Water and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Solution 119
A Kinetic Study of the Reaction between Nitrous Acid an Iodide Ions 118
Equilibria and Kinetics of Complex Formation Between Copper(II) and the Polyamine Me2Octaen 118
Solvent Effects on the Kinetics of the Interaction of 1-Pyrenecarboxaldehyde with Calf Thymus DNA 117
Equilibria and Kinetics of the Intercalation of Pt-Proflavine and Proflavine into Calf Thymus DNA 117
Analysis and comparison of the interaction with DNA and living cells of differently stabilised gold nanoparticles 116
Structure effects on the reactivity of two new cyanine/DNA systems 116
7-Aminoactinomycin Binding to DNA Sequences Lacking GpC Sites: A Thermodynamic and Kinetic Study 113
Metal ion extraction in surfactant solution: Ni2+(aq) and Cd2+(aq) with the ligands PADA and PAR in SDS micellar systems 112
Analysis of the selective sensing ability of a bifunctional crown ether-perylene fluoroionophore 112
Gold-Copper Extraction and Separation by Micellar Enhanced Ultrafiltration 111
Polyamine-polycarboxylate metal complexes with different biological effectiveness as nitric oxide scavengers. Clues for drug design 111
Intercalation of Zn(II) and Cu(II) complexes of the cyclic polyamine Neotrien into DNA: equilibria and kinetics 110
Thermodynamics and kinetics of the nickel(II)-salicylhydroxamic acid system. Phenol rotation induced by metal ion binding 109
Relaxation kinetics of the interaction between RNA and metal-intercalators: The Poly(A)Poly(U)/platinum-proflavine system 108
A Kinetic Study of the Reaction between Arsenic Acid and Iodide Ions 108
A Voltammetric Study of Some Benzene Seleninic Acids. Mechanism of Reduction at the Platinum Electrode 107
Non-covalent interactions of cadmium sulphide and gold nanoparticles with DNA 107
Kinetics of complex formation between Cobalt (II) and the Polyamine Me2Octaen 106
New aspects of the interaction of the antibiotic coralyne with RNA: coralyne induces triple helix formation in poly(rA)poly(rU) 105
Possible overestimation of the site size in fluorescent dye/nucleic acid systems when using the McGhee and von Hippel equation 104
Change of the Binding Mode of the DNA/Proflavine System Induced by Ethanol 103
1:1 and 2:1 Complex Formation between Copper(II) and the Polyamine Neotetren: Equilibria, Kinetics and DNA Interactions 102
Metal receptors in nitrogen monoxide binding 102
“A macrocyclic ligand able to bind gallium(III) by preorganized pendant arms; coordination and kinetic studies” 98
Evaluation of Rb+ uptake in rat heart by atomic absorption 98
Thiazole Orange as a light-switch probe: a combined quantum-mechanical and spectroscopic study 98
Equilibria and Kinetics of Complex Formation between Copper(II) and the Polyamine Me2Octaen 98
Solvent Effects on the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Coralyne Self-Aggregation 97
Binding of Pd(II) to Pada in water/micellar system: Complex formation, kinetics in water and DTAC solution 96
“Intercalation of Zn(II) and Cu(II) complexes of the cyclic polyamine Neotrien into DNA: equilibria and kinetics “ 95
Antibiotics: Actinomycin intercalation into DNA 95
Small molecules that are able to induce large conformation changes in polynucleotides: the DAPI/DNA system 94
Interaction of hydroxamic acids with metals: from simple complexes to metallacrowns 94
The binding mechanism of the molecular rotor Thioflavine-T to DNA 94
The mechanism of the reaction between Au(III) and PADA in Sodium dodecylsulphate 94
Analysis of tetramethylrhodamine isothiocyanate (TRITC) self-aggregation and on its interaction with DNA 93
Synthesis of metalloreceptors and their interaction with DNA 93
The interaction mechanism of gold(III) with the metal extractant PADA in DTAC micellar medium and applications to gold(III) extraction 92
Kinetics of Hydrolysis of Peroxobenzoic Acid in Aqueous Acidic Solution 91
1:1 and 2:1 Complex Formation between Copper(II) and the Polyamine Neotetren: Equilibria, Kinetics and DNA Interactions 91
Interaction with DNA and living cells of gold nanoparticles stabilised by 4-(dimethylamino)pyridine (DMAP) 91
New aspects to the reactivity of Al: Formation of Al3+/NaCaC complex 91
Copper-pophyrin systems as nucleic acids intercalators: kinetic and thermodynamic studies on complex formation and DNA interaction 90
Metals extraction, separation and recovery from water systems by Ligand Modified-Micellar Enhanced UltraFiltration (LM-MEUF): the Cd(II)/PADA/SDS and Ga(III)/8 hydroxyquinoline/SDS systems 90
Voltammetric Study of Some Perbenzoic Acids: Mechanism of Reduction at a Platinum Electrode 90
Metal extraction in water/micelle systems: complex formation, stripping and recovery of Cd(II) 90
Acridine orange functionalised gold nanoparticles via different linkers: synthesis, characterisation and comparison of the fluorescent properties and of the natural DNA binding ability 89
Mechanism of Indium(III) Exchange between NTA and Transferrin: A Kinetic Approach 89
Mechanistic studies on the interaction of the antileukemic alkaloid coralyne with polynucleotides 87
Kinetics of formation of the 12-MC-4 metallacrown from (S)-α-Alanine hydroxamic acid and Copper(II) and its interaction with La(III) 87
Studies on Platinum(II) and Palladium(II) binding to PADA in SDS micellar medium: a kinetic method for metal ions separation and recovery 86
Mechanistic aspects of the interaction of intercalating metal complexes with nucleic acids 86
The role of the solvent in changing the mode of binding of drugs to DNA 84
Coralyne induces triplex-to-duplex and duplex-to-triplex transitions in ds-RNA according to a temperature controlled cycle 84
Ni (II) and Co(II) complexes with a phenanthroline-containing macrocycle. Thermodynamic, structural and kinetic considerations 84
Micelles and nanoparticles as tools to control the occurrence of chemical reactions 84
Bubble Extraction and Affinity Chromatography Techniques for Human Trypsin Inhibitors Enrichment and Purification 83
A kinetic study of the interaction DNA-Pyrenaldehide in alcohol media 83
Hydroxamic acids as complexing agents for metal extraction with SDS 82
New aspects of the interaction of the antibiotic coralyne with RNA: coralyne induces triple helix formation in poly(rA)•poly(rU) 81
Leganti metallici derivati dalla proflavina come nuovi agenti di binding per il DNA 80
A new cyanine dye with potential groove binding features: characterisation and interaction with DNA 80
Coralyne Self-aggregation and Affinity for DNAs and RNAs: Analysis and Solvent Effects 80
A Kinetic Study of the Intercalation of Ethidium Bromide into Poly(A)Poly(U) 80
Cyanine dyes as intercalating agents: kinetic and thermodynamic studies on the DNA/Cyan40 and DNA/CCyan2 systems 80
Interaction of the Copper(II)/Neotrien complex with DNA 79
Kinetics of Reaction between Vanadium(V) and Iodide Ions in the Presence of Oxygen 79
Hoechst 33258 induces changes from duplex RNA to triplex RNA at different temperatures and concentrations 78
Mechanistic Studies on BO and TO Cyanine Dyes: Self-aggregation and Interaction with Nucleic Acids 76
Stability of left-handed DNA in presence of TO 76
Mechanism of Complex Formation: Kinetics and Equilibria of the Gallium(III)-5-Nitrosalicylate Ion System 76
Cyanine dyes intercalation into synthetic polynucleotides: evidence for discrimination between A-T and G-C base pairings 75
Studies on the possible risks of cadmium sulphide nanoparticles: interaction with DNA and living cells 74
Magnesium and Nickel metal ions can induce poly(rU)poly(rA)poly(rU) triplexes formation or quadruplexes stabilization 74
12-Metallacrown-4 formation in aqueous media and interaction with La(III). A kinetic approach 74
Equilibria and Kinetics of Complex Formation between Nickel(II) and the Polyamine Me2Octaen 74
Gallium extraction and recovery by ligand-micelle systems 73
Preliminary thermodynamic and kinetic tests on Al3+ ion interaction with single and double stranded poly(A) 73
Effetti di Sale di Cationi Organici nella Reazione tra Perossodisolfato e Ioduro 72
Mercaptoethanol-coated cadmium sulphide nanoparticles: stability in aqueous solvents and interaction with DNA 72
Nanoparticles and their binding interactions with DNA 72
Equilibrium and kinetic studies on asymmetric cyanines interaction with DNA 71
Removal of palladium(II) ions from water using micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration with a cationic surfactant 71
Deprotonation Sites of Acetohydroxamic Acid Isomers. A Theoretical and Experimental Study 71
Kinetics and Equilibria of the Interactions of Hydroxamic Acids with Gallium(III) and Indium(III) 70
New metal complexes containing a proflavine pendant arm as bifunctional DNA binding agent 68
Kinetic and thermodynamic studies on Gold extraction by using micellar system: the PADA/SDS and PADA/DTAC systems 68
Gold nanoparticles functionalised with a novel fluorophore: synthesis, solution properties and DNA interaction studies 68
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