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A Geometric Approach to Correlation Inequalities in the Plane 1-gen-2014 Figalli, A.; Maggi, F.; Pratelli, A.
A mass transportation approach to quantitative isoperimetric inequalities 1-gen-2010 Figalli, Alessio; Maggi, Francesco; Pratelli, Aldo
A note on Cheeger sets 1-gen-2009 Figalli, Alessio; Maggi, Francesco; Pratelli, Aldo
A planar bi-Lipschitz extension Theorem 1-gen-2014 Daneri, Sara; Pratelli, Aldo
A refined Brunn-Minkowski inequality for convex sets 1-gen-2009 Figalli, Alessio; Maggi, Francesco; Pratelli, Aldo
A survey on the existence of isoperimetric sets in the space ℝ<sup>N</sup> with density 1-gen-2015 Pratelli, Aldo
A transport problem with queue penalization effect 1-gen-2009 Crippa, Gianluca; Jimenez, Chloè; Pratelli, Aldo
An application of the continuous Steiner symmetrization to Blaschke-Santaló diagrams 1-gen-2021 Buttazzo, Giuseppe; Pratelli, Aldo
Approximation of piecewise affine homeomorphisms by diffeomorphisms 1-gen-2014 Mora Corral, C.; Pratelli, A.
Approximation of planar BV homeomorphisms by diffeomorphisms 1-gen-2019 Pratelli, A.; Radici, E.
Comparison between the non-crossing and the non-crossing on lines properties 1-gen-2021 Campbell, D; Pratelli, A; Radici, E
Continuity of an optimal transport in Monge Problem 1-gen-2005 Fragala', I; Gelli, MARIA STELLA; Pratelli, A.
Diffeomorphic approximation of W1,1planar Sobolev homeomorphisms 1-gen-2018 Hencl, Stanislav; Pratelli, Aldo
Duality for rectified Cost Functions 1-gen-2012 Beiglboeck, M.; Pratelli, A.
Elastic deformations on the plane and approximations 1-gen-2013 Pratelli, A.; Puglisi, S.
Equivalence between some definitions for the optimal mass transport problem and for the transport density on manifolds 1-gen-2005 Pratelli, A.
Existence and stability results in the $L^1$ theory of optimal transportation 1-gen-2003 L, Ambrosio; Pratelli, A.
Existence of isoperimetric regions in R^n with density 1-gen-2013 Morgan, F.; Pratelli, A.
Existence of Isoperimetric Sets with Densities “Converging from Below” on RN 1-gen-2017 De Philippis, Guido; Franzina, Giovanni; Pratelli, Aldo
Existence of minimizers for spectral problems 1-gen-2013 Mazzoleni, D.; Pratelli, A.