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Nome #
Are the clinical and pathological features of differentiated thyroid carcinoma really changed over the last 35 years? Study on 4187 patients from a single Italian institution to answer this question. 178
Angiogenesis and VEGF expression in pre-invasive lesions of the human breast. 162
Transcription analysis of human equilibrative nucleoside transporter-1 predicts survival in pancreas cancer patients treated with gemcitabine 155
Laser microdissection and primary cell cultures improve pharmacogenetic analysis in pancreatic adenocarcinoma. 135
Genetic analysis of lung tumours of non-smoking subjects: p53 gene mutations are constantly associated with loss of heterozygosity at the FHIT locus 134
Unusual findings of viral production (MuMTV) in murine mammary tumors (BALB/cfC3H). 133
Sparc-like protein 1 is a new marker of human glioma progression 133
A mouse mammary tumor virus env-like exogenous sequence is strictly related to progression of human sporadic breast carcinoma 128
Antiangiogenic versus cytotoxic therapeutic approaches to human pancreas cancer: an experimental study with a vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 tyrosine kinase inhibitor and gemcitabine 124
Variability of the expression of muscle mitochondrial damage in ocular mitochondrial myopathy. 123
Choroid Plexus carcinoma: a new case associated with a novel TP53 germ line mutation 122
c-KIT receptor expression is strictly associated with the biological behaviour of thyroid nodules. 121
Absence of somatic mutations in the coding region of the WAF1/CIP1 gene in human breast, lung and ovarian carcinomas. A polymorphism at codon 31 121
Stromal tumours : which diagnostic approach? 119
Endothelial progenitor cells recruitment correlate with coronary artery disease severity 119
Primary chemotherapy in locally advanced breast cancer (LABC): effects on tumour proliferative activity, bcl-2 expression and the relationship between tumour regression and biological markers 119
Cytogenesis of murine mammary tumors in BALB/cfC3H and BALB/cfRIII strains. 117
Effects of primary chemotherapy on biological parameters of locally advanced breast cancer. 117
Ultrastructural features of the intestinal absorption of mouse mammary tumor virus in newborn BALB/cfRIII mice. 116
A case of cavernous haemangioma of the spleen. 116
Feline immunodeficiency virus vector as a tool for preventative strategies against human breast cancer 115
Quantitative determination of mammary tumor virus in individual samples of mouse milk. 114
Metastatic cervical carcinoma presenting as primary thyroid cancer. Case report. 114
Phase II study of high-dose epirubicin in untreated patients with small-cell lung cancer. 113
Transcription analysis of human equilibrative nucleoside transporter-1 predicts survival in pancreas cancer patients treated with gemcitabine 112
Cyclin D1 and retinoblastoma susceptibility gene alterations in non-small cell lung cancer. 112
Quality control for biomarker determination in oncology: the experience of the Italian Network for Quality Assessment of Tumor Biomarkers (INQAT). 112
Methyl group metabolism gene polymorphisms as modifier of breast cancer risk in italian BRCA 1/2 carriers 111
Spontaneous dissecting aneurysm of the aorta in a dog. 110
Inflammatory cells contribute to the generation of an angiogenic phenotype in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma 110
Bronchioloalveolar lung carcinomas: K-ras mutations are constant events in the mucinous subtype 110
A new immunization and treatment strategy for mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV) associated cancers 110
Cyclins of phases G1, S and G2/M are overexpressed in aneuploid mammary carcinomas 110
Tumor targeting potential and metabolism of 5-(125-I)-Iodo-2’-Deoxyuridine injected intratumorally in patients with breast cancer. 109
Contrast-enhanced MR imaging in patients with BI-RADS 3-5 microcalcifications 109
Stromal IGF-II messenger RNA in breast cancer: relationship with progesterone receptor expressed by malignant epithelial cells 109
Creating a tumor-resistant microenvironment: cell-mediated delivery of TNFα completely prevents breast cancer tumor formation in vivo. 109
mRNA markers of breast cancer nodal metastases: comparison between mammaglobin and carcinoembryonic antigen in 248 patients 108
Presence of endothelin-1 in the normal and pathological human thyroid. 108
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy, surgery, and postoperative radiation therapy for invasive thymoma. 107
Enriched SSCP: a highly sensitive method for the detection of unknown mutations. Application to the molecular diagnosis of lung cancer in sputum samples 107
A novel breast cancer-associated BRIP1 (FANCJ/BACH1) germ-line mutation impairs protein stability and function 107
Penetrances of breast and ovarian cancer in a large series of families tested for BRCA1/2 mutations 107
VHL and HIF-1α: gene variations and prognosis in early-stage clear cell renal cell carcinoma. 107
Cigarette smoke metabolically promotes cancer, via autophagy and premature aging in the host stromal microenvironment. 106
Papillary lesions of the breast: a molecular progression? 105
Development of combined DNA-based piezoelectric biosensors for the simultaneous detection and genotyping of high risk Human Papilloma Virus strains 105
Histones of human lung carcinoma and human lung tissue. Analysis by two-dimensional electrophoresis. 104
Identification and characterization of differentially expressed genes in tumor metastasis: the nm23 gene. 104
Bio-morphological events in the development of the human female mammary gland from fetal age to puberty 104
Association between RAD 51 rs1801320 and susceptibility to glioblastoma 104
Microvessel density in human normal and neoplastic parathyroids 103
Cell cycle regulators in lung cancer 102
Clinicopathological significance of GADD45 gene alterations in human familial breast carcinoma 102
Tumor cell heterogeneity and metastasis. 101
Aspetti istologici della erosione e della riapposizione ossea nel colesteatoma otomastoideo infiltrante del bambino 101
Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2A and cutaneous lichen amyloidosis: description of a new family. 101
Ocular myopathy without ophthalmoplegia can be a form of mitochondrial myopathy. 101
3'-Deamino-3'-(2-methoxy-4-morpholinyl)-doxorubicin (FCE 23762): a new anthracycline derivative with enhanced cytotoxicity and reduced cardiotoxicity. 101
Cancer astrocytes have a more conserved molecular status in long recurrence free survival (RFS) IDH1 wild-type glioblastoma patients: New emerging cancer players 101
p53 nuclear accumulation in adenomatous hyperplasia and stage I endometrioid carcinoma. 99
The Stem Cell Factor-c-kit System and Mast Cells in Human Pancreatic Cancer 99
Evaluation of vascular infiltration in resected patients for pancreatic cancer: comparison among multidetector CT, intraoperative findings and histopathology 99
The KIT Exon 11 Stop Codon Mutation in Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors: What Is the Clinical Meaning? 99
Markers of cell proliferation, apoptosis, and angiogenesis in thyroid adenomas: a comparative immunohistochemical and genetic investigation of functioning and nonfunctioning nodules 98
mdm2 gene alterations and mdm2 protein expression in breast carcinomas 98
p53 inactivation is a rare event in familial breast tumors negative for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations 97
Apocrine epithelium of the breast: does it result from metaplasia? 97
A new microwave scanning system for imaging superficial organs. 96
Bone marrow necrosis foreshadowing acute lymphoid leukemia. 96
Tumor targeting in vivo and metabolic fate of 5-(Iodine-125)-Iodo-2’- Deoxyuridine following intratumoral injection in patients with colorectal cancer. 95
Early genetic mechanisms underlying the inhibitory effects of endostatin and fumagillin on human endothelial cells 95
Two mutations of BRCA2 gene at exon and splicing site in a woman who underwent oncogenetic counseling 95
Histopathologic Analysis of Peritumoral Pseudocapsule and Surgical Margin Status after Tumor Enucleation for Renal Cell Carcinoma 95
Ganglioglioma of the spinal cord. A case with a long survival. 94
Adenocarcinoma in the mummy of Ferrante I of Aragon, King of Naples (1431-1494) 94
Genetic alterations in hereditary breast cancer 93
Caveolin-1 promotes pancreatic cancer cell differentiation and restores membranous E-cadherin via suppression of the epithelial-mesenchymal transition. 93
Laser microdissection and primary cell cultures improve pharmacogenetic analysis in pancreatic adenocarcinoma 93
Evaluation of FHIT gene alterations in ovarian cancer 93
mdm2 gene amplification and overexpression in non-small cell lung carcinomas with accumulation of the p53 protein in the absence of p53 gene mutations. 93
Tumor targeting potential and metabolism of 5 Iodo-2'-deoxyuridine injected intratumorally in patients with gastrointestinal or breast cancer. 93
Altered expression of NM23, a gene associated with low tumor metastatic potential, during adenovirus 2 Ela inhibition of experimental metastasis. 92
Neoangiogenesis as prognostic indicator of survival in lung cancer. 92
Dysregulated PI3K/Akt/PTEN pathway is a marker of a short disease-free survival in node-negative breast carcinoma 92
Cutaneous metastasis of a radiation - associated thyroid medullary carcinoma 92
Insulin-like growth factor II (IGF-II) immunohistochemistry in breast cancer: relationship with the most important morphological and biochemical prognostic parameters 92
Guidelines for follow-up of women at high risk for inherited breast cancer: consensus statement from the Biomed 2 Demonstration Programme on Inherited Breast Cancer. 91
Morphologic characterization of isolated porcine and bovine islets of Langerhans 91
FHIT e p53 gene abnormalities in bronchioloalveolar carcinomas. Correlations with clinicopathological data and K-ras mutations 91
Assessment of the prognostic relevance of serum anti-p53 antibodies in epithelial ovarian cancer 91
Accessibilome of human glioblastoma: collagen-VI-alpha-1 is a new target and a marker of poor outcome. 91
Congenital mitral regurgitation due to 'posterior reinsertion' of chordae tendineae. 90
Different expressivity of brca1 and brca2: analysis of 179 italian pedigrees with identified mutation 90
A renin-secreting tumor 90
Clinico-pathological correlations in a case of primary angiosarcoma of the pericardium. 89
NM23 gene expression in human breast carcinomas: loss of correlation with cell proliferation in the advanced phase of tumor progression. 89
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