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Nome #
TSPO ligand residence time influences human glioblastoma multiforme cell death/life balance 226
Platelet uptake of GABA and glutamate in patients with bipolar disorder. 194
Apoptosis Therapy in Cancer: The First Single-molecule Co-activating p53 and the Translocator Protein in Glioblastoma 166
AM251 induces apoptosis and G2/M cell cycle arrest in A375 human melanoma cells 163
The Citrus Flavanone Naringenin Protects Myocardial Cells against Age-Associated Damage 151
Antioxidant, cardiomyocyte anti-ageing properties and phytochemical profile of Citrus bergamia juices 149
Bifunctional Inhibitors as a New Tool To Reduce Cancer Cell Invasion by Impairing MMP-9 Homodimerization 140
TSPO ligand residence time: a new parameter to predict compound neurosteroidogenic efficacy 139
Ether analogues of DPA-714 with subnanomolar affinity for the translocator protein (TSPO). 137
An antibody-free strategy for screening putative HDM2 inhibitors using crude bacterial lysates expressing GST-HDM2 recombinant protein 137
The citrus flavanone naringenin produces cardioprotective effects in hearts from 1 year old rat, through activation of mitoBK channels 135
Combined inhibition of AKT/mTOR and MDM2 enhances Glioblastoma Multiforme cell apoptosis and differentiation of cancer stem cells 133
Drug-target Residence Time: a key parameter in glial responses to TSPO ligands 132
TSPO over-expression increases motility, transmigration and proliferation properties of C6 rat glioma cells 132
Cyclic adenosine monophosphate responsive element binding protein in post-traumatic stress disorder 130
A2A adenosine receptor binding parameters in platelets from patients affected by pathological gambling 129
TSPO-ligands prevent oxidative damage and inflammatory response in C6 glioma cells by neurosteroid synthesis 129
Ala147Thr amino acid substitution within the translocator protein (TSPO) influences pregnenolone production in lymphomonocytes 128
TSPO PIGA ligands promote neurosteroidogenesis and human astrocyte well-being 128
Toward highly potent cancer agents by modulating the C-2 group of the arylthioindole class of tubulin polymerization inhibitors 126
Deepening the Topology of the Translocator Protein Binding Site by Novel N,N-Dialkyl-2-arylindol-3-ylglyoxylamides 126
null 124
The Citrus Flavonoid Naringenin Protects the Myocardium from Ageing-Dependent Dysfunction: Potential Role of SIRT1 123
Trazodone treatment protects neuronal-like cells from inflammatory insult by inhibiting NF-κB, p38 and JNK 122
Residence Time (RT), a new parameter to predict neurosteroidogenic efficacy of Translocator Protein (TSPO) ligands: N,N-dialkyl-2-arylindol-3-ylglyoxylamides, a case study 122
Survivin-directed molecular beacon as potential theranostic agent in melanoma cells 118
Role of Translocator Protein (18 kDa) in Adult Separation Anxiety and Attachment Style in Patients with Depression. 118
Translocator protein as a promising target for novel anxiolytics 117
Translocator Protein (TSPO) and Neurosteroids: Implications in Psychiatric Disorders. 117
Long Residence Time at the Neurosteroidogenic 18 kDa Translocator Protein Characterizes the Anxiolytic Ligand XBD173 117
Differential Effects of Fondaparinux and Bemiparin on Angiogenic and Vasculogenesis-like processes. 114
Human Neural Stem Cell Aging Is Counteracted by α-Glycerylphosphorylethanolamine 114
Antioxidant and Antisenescence Effects of Bergamot Juice 114
Human glioblastoma multiforme: p53 reactivation by a novel MDM2 inhibitor 113
Peripheral benzodiazepine receptor: characterization in human T-lymphoma Jurkat cells 110
The Spontaneous Ala147Thr Amino Acid Substitution within the Translocator Protein Influences Pregnenolone Production in Lymphomonocytes of Healthy Individuals 110
New Indole Tubulin Assembly Inhibitors Cause Stable Arrest of Mitotic Progression, Enhanced Stimulation of Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxic Activity, and Repression of Hedgehog-Dependent Cancer 109
p53 Functional Inhibitors Behaving Like Pifithrin-β Counteract the Alzheimer Peptide Non-β-amyloid Component Effects in Human SH-SY5Y Cells. 106
Analysis of the Antitumor Activity of Clotrimazole on A375 Human Melanoma Cells 103
Translocator protein ligands as promising therapeutic tools for anxiety disorders 103
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 4-Phenylquinazoline-2-carboxamides Designed as a Novel Class of Potent Ligands of the Translocator Protein 102
Theranostic properties of a survivin-directed molecular beacon in human melanoma cells 101
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Evidence for Complex Binding Profiles and Species Differences at the Translocator Protein (TSPO) (18 kDa). 100
Plasma and serum brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in depressed patients during 1 year of antidepressant treatments 99
The Anxiolytic Etifoxine Binds to TSPO Ro5-4864 Binding Site with Long Residence Time Showing a High Neurosteroidogenic Activity 99
Lead Optimization of 2-Phenylindolylglyoxylyldipeptide Murine Double Minute (MDM)2/Translocator Protein (TSPO) Dual Inhibitors for the Treatment of Gliomas 97
Synthesis of 6-[¹8F]fluoro-PBR28, a novel radiotracer for imaging the TSPO 18 kDa with PET 95
Synthesis and biological evaluation in U87MG glioma cells of (ethynylthiophene)sulfonamido-based hydroxamates as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors 94
Pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine acetamides: 4-Phenyl alkyl ether derivatives as potent ligands for the 18 kDa translocator protein (TSPO) 93
Livelli di citochine e cortisolo ematici in pazienti affetti da disturbo post-traumatico da stress (PTSD) e lutto complicato 92
Lifetime manic-hypomanic symptoms in post-traumatic stress disorder: relationship with the 18 kDa mitochondrial translocator protein density. 90
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Exploiting the 4-Phenylquinazoline Scaffold for the Development of High Affinity Fluorescent Probes for the Translocator Protein (TSPO) 89
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Novel Irreversible Fluorescent Probes Targeting the 18 kDa Translocator Protein: Synthesis and Biological Characterization 88
Mitochondriotropic and Cardioprotective Effects of Triphenylphosphonium-Conjugated Derivatives of the Diterpenoid Isosteviol 88
Powerful twin carboxylic inhibitors for MMP homodimerization 87
Gender effect on the relationship between stress hormones and panic-agoraphobic spectrum dimensions in healthy subjects. 85
Peripheral-type benzodiazepine receptor and steroid serum levels in civilian population with post-traumatic stress disorder 84
PIGA (N,N-Di-n-butyl-5-chloro-2-(4-chlorophenyl)indol-3-ylglyoxylamide), a new mitochondrial benzodiazepine-receptor ligand, induces apoptosis in C6 glioma cells 83
Inhibition of metalloproteinases derived from tumours: new insights in the treatment of human glioblastoma 83
Synthesis and biological evaluation of Modified 2-Phenylindol-3-ylglyoxylamides as good candidates for the development of radioligands for the visualization of peripheral benzodiazepine receptor 83
Cell survival/death processes: Role of the mitochondrial Tranlocator Protein (TSPO) ligands 82
Peripheral benzodiazepine receptor ligands: mitochondrial transmembrane potential depolarization and apoptosis induction in rat C6 glioma cells 82
An irreversible ligand of the 18 kDa Translocator Protein induces rapidly ΔΨm collapse and activates apoptosis in human glioblastoma multiforme cells. 82
New 6- and 7-heterocyclyl-1H-indole derivatives as potent tubulin assembly and cancer cell growth inhibitors 81
Translocator protein and steroidogenesis 81
BDNF Val66Met homozygosity does not influence plasma BDNF levels in healthy human subjects. 81
Structure-Activity Relationship Refinement and Further Assessment of 4-Phenylquinazoline-2-carboxamide Translocator Protein Ligands as Antiproliferative Agents in Human Glioblastoma Tumors. 81
A Virtual Screening Study of the 18 kDa Translocator Protein using Pharmacophore Models Combined with 3D-QSAR Studies 80
3D-QSAR and virtual screening studies for the translocator protein(TSPO) 78
Cytokine secretion responsiveness of lymphomonocytes following cortisol cell exposure: Sex differences 78
Regulation of Erythropoietin Receptor Activity in Endothelial Cells by Different Erythropoietin (EPO) Derivatives: An in Vitro Study. 78
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor plasma levels in patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. 78
PK 11195 differentially affects cell survival in human wild-type and 18 kDa translocator protein-silenced ADF astrocytoma cells 77
Attivazione di segnali per l'induzione dell'apoptosi e/o per la sopravvivenza cellulare da parte di ligandi selettivi per il recettore periferico delle benzodiazepine 76
Correlations between anxiety spectrum assessments and saliva cortisol changes in post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic grief 76
Anxiolytic properties of a 2-phenylindolglyoxylamide TSPO ligand: Stimulation of in vitro neurosteroid production affecting GABA(A) receptor activity 75
Evaluation of Novel N1-Methyl-2-phenylindol-3-ylglyoxylamides as a New Chemotype 2 of 18 kDa Translocator Protein-Selective Ligand Suitable for the Development 3 of Positron Emission Tomography Radioligands., 75
An update into the medicinal chemistry of translocator protein (TSPO) ligands 75
Correlation between lymphocytic peripheral benzodiazepine receptor levels and psychiatric scale scorse in post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic grief 74
Effects of selective MMP-2 inhibitors on viability and invasiveness in the U87MG human glioblastoma cell line 74
New oxazole and 1,2,4-oxadiazole derivatives as selective ligands at the Translocator Protein (TSPO) 74
Relazione tra densità del recttore periferico delle benzodiazepine (PBR) e tumorogenicità delle cellule di glioma: produzione di linee cellulari ingegnerizzate a sovraesprimere il PBR 73
Panic-agoraphobic spectrum comorbidity and mitochondrial translocator protein in post-traumatic stress disorder 72
Translocator protein (TSPO): biological characterization by using irreversible TSPO ligands 72
Unbinding of Translocator Protein 18 kDa (TSPO) Ligands: From in Vitro Residence Time to in Vivo Efficacy via in Silico Simulations 72
Recettore periferico mitocondriale delle benzodiazepine e livelli di DHEAS in pazienti con disturbo post-traumatico da stress e lutto complicato 70
Characterization of a new fluorescent irreversible ligand to translocator protein (18 kDa) 70
Remarkable Enhancement in Boron Uptake Within Glioblastoma Cells With Carboranyl–Indole Carboxamides 70
Prevention of Excessive Endothelin-1 Release in Sclerotherapy: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies. 69
Translocator protein (tspo) ligand residence time: a new parameter to predict neurosteroidogenic efficacy for n,n-dialkyl-2-arylindol-3-ylglyoxylamides (PIGAs) 68
18-kDa translocator protein association complexes in the brain: From structure to function 68
null 66
Correlations between cortisol and DHEAS levels and subthreshold panic-agoraphobic spectrum symptoms in healthy subjects 66
Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel fluorescent probes targeting the Translocator Protein (18 kDa) (TSPO) 66
Structure-activity relationship studies and in vitro and in vivo anticancer activity of novel 3-aroyl-1,4-diarylpyrroles against solid tumors and hematological malignancies 66
Recettori a2a dell’adenosina in volontari sani e pazienti psicotici: differenze di genere 65
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