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AF - Africa 122
SA - Sud America 15
OC - Oceania 4
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 12612
SE - Svezia 1320
IT - Italia 1302
CN - Cina 1109
DE - Germania 820
BG - Bulgaria 596
UA - Ucraina 423
GB - Regno Unito 406
CA - Canada 376
TR - Turchia 259
VN - Vietnam 252
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CI - Costa d'Avorio 97
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RU - Federazione Russa 91
AT - Austria 80
IN - India 54
BE - Belgio 44
IR - Iran 25
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JP - Giappone 18
NG - Nigeria 16
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GR - Grecia 7
RO - Romania 7
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KR - Corea 6
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KE - Kenya 1
KW - Kuwait 1
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MK - Macedonia 1
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OM - Oman 1
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PT - Portogallo 1
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TH - Thailandia 1
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Chandler 1210
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Ashburn 459
Wilmington 428
Cambridge 424
Beijing 418
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Ottawa 362
Izmir 249
Princeton 242
Lawrence 233
Nanjing 184
Medford 181
Des Moines 159
Dong Ket 145
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Lancaster 112
Abidjan 97
Nanchang 95
Jüchen 90
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London 73
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Milan 57
Kunming 51
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Tianjin 35
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Jiaxing 30
Redwood City 30
Leawood 25
Marseille 24
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Guangzhou 22
Boardman 20
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Livorno 20
Orange 20
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Augusta 18
Jinan 18
Norwalk 18
Hefei 17
Rome 17
Lagos 16
Auburn Hills 15
Mumbai 14
Pisa 14
Los Angeles 12
Padova 12
Nürnberg 11
Florence 10
Monmouth Junction 10
Shanghai 10
Perugia 9
Bremen 8
Costa Mesa 8
Lanzhou 8
Toronto 8
Bari 7
Changchun 7
Chengdu 7
Lacco Ameno 7
Napoli 7
Redmond 7
San Francisco 7
Tokyo 7
Wittem 7
Detroit 6
Hasselt 6
Helsinki 6
Indiana 6
New York 6
Ningbo 6
San Jose 6
Scuola 6
Verona 6
Zhengzhou 6
Grosseto 5
Montreal 5
Phoenix 5
Siena 5
Torino 5
Ziano Piacentino 5
Cairo 4
Fremont 4
Haikou 4
Kuala Lumpur 4
Palermo 4
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Nome #
Carbammati della chinina ottenuti per derivatizzazione del doppio legame: nuovi solvatanti chirali per spettroscopia NMR 175
A water-soluble, mucoadhesive quaternary ammonium chitosan-methyl-β-cyclodextrin conjugate forming inclusion complexes with dexamethasone 158
A rationalization of the multireceptorial character of chiral solvating agents based on quinine and its derivatives: an overview of selected NMR investigations 151
Cyclodextrins as inhibitors of the precipitation of riboflavin-5'-phosphate due to presence of zinc chloride: A NMR investigation 150
Alder-ene addition of maleic anhydride to polyisobutene: nuclear magnetic resonance evidence for an unconventional mechanism 146
Role of nanostructured aggregation of chitosan derivatives on [5-methionine]enkephalin affinity 146
Gli1/DNA interaction is a druggable target for Hedgehog-dependent tumors 145
Stereoselective Coordination of the Vinylic Ligand in cis-Dichloro(p-Toluidine)(Olefin) Platinum(II) Complexes 143
Multiscale morphology design of hybrid halide perovskites through a polymeric template 142
Association phenomena of a chiral perylene derivative in solution and in poly(ethylene) dispersion 141
Stability of hydrophilic vitamins mixtures in the presence of electrolytes and trace elements for parenteral nutrition: A nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy investigation 136
1-Arylethylamino substituted s-triazine derivatives as chiral solvating agents for the determination of the enantiomeric composition of chiral compounds 134
High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Resolution of Racemic 1,4-Benzodiazepin-2-ones by means of a b-Cyclodextrin Silica Bonded Chiral Stationary Phase 133
Monomeric and Dimeric 9-O Anthraquinone and Phenanthryl Derivatives of Cinchona Alkaloids as Chiral Solvating Agents for the NMR Enantiodiscrimination of Chiral Hemiesters 133
The Use of 2H NMR in the Elucidation of the Catalytic Pathway of the Hydroformylation Reaction 132
2,4,6-Tri[(S)-1´-methylbenzylamino]-1,3,5-triazine: a new NMR chiral solvating agent for 3,5-dinitrophenyl derivatives; an attempt at a chiral discrimination rationale 132
3,5-Dinitrobenzoylphenylglycine analogues bearing the 1,1'-binaphthalene moiety. Synthesis, conformational study and application as chiral solvating agents 130
Chiral Stationary Phase Derived from L-Lactic Acid for the Optical Resolution of N-(3,5-Dinitrobenzoyl)Amino Acid Methyl Esters 129
5-HT1A receptors mapping by conformational analysis (2D NOESY/MM) and "threewaymodelling" (HASL, CoMFA, PARM) 129
Toluene-Solvated Rhodium Atoms: Evidence for a HydridoRhodium Complex 128
null 128
A Spectroscopic Study of the Interaction of D- and L-N-(3,5-Dinitrobenzoyl)valine Methyl Ester with n-Butylamide of (S)-2-[(Phenylcarbamoyl)oxy]propionic Acid: Direct Evidence for a Chromatographic Chiral Recognition Rationale 128
Reversibility of Metal-Alkyl Intermediate Formation in the Rhodium-Catalyzed Deuterioformylation of 1-Hexene 127
Regio- and stereoselective behavior of l-arabinal-derived vinyl epoxide in nucleophilic addition reactions. Comparison with conformationally restricted d-galactal-derived analogs 127
Detection of Stereoselective Interaction of D- and L-Tryptophan with Human Serum Albumin by Selective Relaxation Rate Measurements 126
1,3,5-Triazine Multiselector Systems: New Tools for Chiral Discriminations 126
Nickel-Atom-Derived Catalysts in Linear Dimerization vs. Cyclodimerization of 1,3-Dienes: Evidence for a Nickel Hydride Complex Using Ethanol as Reagent 126
Restricted Rotation of the Olefin and Amine Ligands in cis-Dichloro(p-Toluidine)(Ethyl Vinyl Ether)Platinum(II) 125
Stereoselective synthesis of D-galactal-derived N-ethoxycarbonyl aziridine, as a new, improved synthetic protocol to glycal-derived N-activated vinyl aziridines 125
null 125
Potential of Alkyl Orthoformates as Alkylating Agents of Non-electron Rich Nitrogen Heterocycles 124
Pyrazolothiazolopyrimidine Derivatives as a Novel Class of Anti-Inflammatory or Antinociceptive Agents: Synthesis,Structural Characterization and Pharmacological Evaluation 124
Variazioni conformazionali indotte dalla peracetilazione della b-ciclodestrina: uno studio NMR in soluzione 123
Coordination and Supramolecular Chemistry of New Bis-bidentate Schiff-Base Ligands 123
A new stereochemical model from NMR for benzoylated cyclodextrins, promising new chiral solvating agents for the chiral analysis of 3,5-dinitrophenyl derivatives 123
null 123
null 122
Mucoadhesivity and release properties of quaternary ammonium-chitosan conjugates and their nanoparticulate supramolecular aggregates: an NMR investigation 121
Binding and mucoadhesion of sulfurated derivatives of quaternary ammonium-chitosans and their nanoaggregates: An NMR investigation 121
Conformational and Dynamic Changes of D- and L-Tryptophan Due to Stereoselective Interaction with Human Serum Albumin, As Revealed by Proton-Selective Relaxation Rate Measurements 120
Solvolysis of Platinum Complexes with Substituted Ethylenediamines in Dimethyl Sulfoxide 119
1,3,5-Triazine Multiselectors Systems: a New Tool for Chiral Discriminations 119
Stereochemistry and dynamics of the hydrobromide of 1-(aminomethyl)-5,6-dihydroxyisochroman, semirigid analogue of catecholamines 119
null 118
null 118
Novel transmucosal absorption enhancers obtained by aminoalkylation of chitosan 117
A nuclear magnetic resonance approach to the comparison of mucoadhesive properties of polysaccharides for ophthalmic uses 117
Chiral Discriminations with Cinchona Alkaloids 117
The Binding of 5-Fluorouracil to Native and Modified Human Serum Albumin: UV, CD, and 1H and 19F NMR Investigation 116
Stereochemistry and Dynamics of the Inclusion Complex of (S)-(+)-Fenoprofen with Cyclomaltoheptaose (b-Cyclodextrin) 116
Amber force field implementation, molecular modelling study, synthesis and MMP-1/MMP-2 inhibition profile of (R)- and (S)-N-hydroxy-2-(N-isopropoxybiphenyl-4-ylsulfonamido)-3-methylbutanamides 115
Circular Dichroism determination of the conformation of some optically pure 1-(1-naphthyl)ethylamino substituted 1,3,5-triazine derivatives 115
Conformationally Restrained Analogs of Sympathomimetic Catecholamines. Synthesis, Conformational Analysis, and Adrenergic Activity of Isochroman Derivatives 115
Synthesis and Stereochemical Characterization of Some Optically Active 1,2-Dinaphthylethane-1,2-diols 114
Crystallographic, NMR and ab initio calculation studies of tautomerism among substituted dihydrothiazol-2-ylhydrazones 114
Asymmetric induction by cholestanic moiety on tropos species: synthesis and stereochemical characterization of bile acid-based biphenyl phosphates 113
Water soluble heptakis(6-deoxy-6-thio)cyclomaltoheptaose capped gold nanoparticles via metal vapor synthesis: NMR structural characterization and complexation properties 113
Use of cis-dichloro[(S)-a-methylbenzylamine](ethylene)Pt(II) as a chiral derivatizing agent for the determination by 195Pt-NMR of the enantiomeric composition of unsaturated ethers or alcohols having a quaternary chiral carbon atom 113
2H NMR Investigation of the Rhodium-Catalyzed Deuterioformylation of 1,1-Diphenylethene: Evidence for the Formation of a Tertiary Alkyl-metal Intermediate 111
A conformational model of per-O-acetyl-cyclomaltoheptaose(-b-cyclodextrin) in solution: detection of partial inversion of glucopyranose units by NMR spectroscopy 110
Carbammoilazione C10-C11 della Chinina: un’Efficiente Via all’Ottenimento di Versatili Agenti Solvatanti Chirali per l’Enantiodiscriminazione NMR di Substrati Chirali 110
Semplici Derivati dell’(S)-Etil Lattato: Efficienti e Versatili Agenti Solvatanti Chirali per l’Enantiodiscriminazione NMR di Composti Chirali 110
A Novel Application of Cinchona Alkaloids as Chiral Auxiliaries: Preparation and Use of a New Family of Chiral Stationary Phases for the Chromatographic Resolution of Racemates 110
Determination of the Enantiomeric Purity of Chiral Allyl Alcohols and Allyl Ethers by 195Pt NMR Spectroscopy 109
Different NMR Approaches to the Chiral Analysis of Trisubstituted Allenes Devoid of Polar Functional Groups and Aromatic Hydrocarbons 109
NMR Detection of the conformational distortion induced in cyclodextrins by introduction of alkyl or aromatic substituents 108
Partially versus exhaustively carbamoylated cyclodextrins: NMR investigation on enantiodiscriminating capabilities in solution 108
Impact of mucoadhesive polymeric nanoparticulate systems on oral bioavailability of a macromolecular model drug 108
Influence of the Reaction Temperature on the Regioselectivity in the Rhodium-Catalyzed Hydroformylation of Vinylpyrroles 107
Synthesis, structure, and electrochemistry of the dicluster molecular pincer [Pt3(μ-PBut2)3(CO) 2]2(μ-1′,1″′-diethynylbiferrocene) 107
NMR Enantiodiscrimination Phenomena by Quinine C9-Carbamates 106
Direct NMR Assay of the Enantiomeric Purity of Chiral b-Hydroxy esters by Using Quinine as Chiral Solvating Agent 106
Connecting the solution chemistry of PbI2and MAI: A cyclodextrin-based supramolecular approach to the formation of hybrid halide perovskites 105
3D-QSAR Using " Multiconformer" Alignment: The Use of HASL in the Analysis of 5-HT1a Thienopyrimidinone Ligands -3-methoxybut-1-ene]platinum(II) 104
Versatile Chiral Auxiliaries for NMR Spectroscopy Based on Carbamoyl Derivatives of Dihydroquinine 104
Combined NMR-crystallographic and modelling investigation of the inclusion of molsidomine into a-, b- and g-cyclodextrins 104
A New Method for the Enantiomeric Excess Determination of Chiral Trisubstituted Allenes by 195Pt NMR of trans-Dichloro[(S)-a-methylbenzylamine] (allene)platinum(II) Complexes 103
Hydroformylation of Norbornene and 2,5-Norbornadiene Catalysed by Platinum(0)-Alkene Complexes in the Presence of Methanesulfonic Acid: Determination of the Stereochemistry of the Reaction 102
Combining NMR and molecular modelling in a drug delivery context: investigation of the multi-mode inclusion of a new NPY-5 antagonist bromobenzenesulfonamide into b-cyclodextrin 102
Nuclear magnetic resonance approaches to the rationalization of chromatographic enantiorecognition processes 102
Synergistic interaction between TS-polysaccharide and hyaluronic acid: Implications in the formulation of eye drops 102
Enhanced affinity of ketotifen toward tamarind seed polysaccharide in comparison with hydroxyethylcellulose and hyaluronic acid: A nuclear magnetic resonance investigation 102
Application of PARM to Constructing and Comparing 5-HT1A and A1 Receptor Models 101
5-HT1A Receptors Mapping by Conformational Analysis (2D NOESY/MM) and “THREE WAY MODELLING” (HASL, CoMFA, PARM) 101
Quinine: An Inexpensive Chiral Solvating Agent for the Determination of Enantiomeric Composition of Binaphthyl Derivatives and Alkylarylcarbinols by NMR Spectroscopy 101
Benzoylated and Benzylated Cyclodextrins: a New Class of Chiral Solvating Agents for the Enantiomeric Purity Determination of 3,5-Dinitrophenyl Derivatives by NMR 100
null 100
Different Enantioselective Interaction Pathways Induced by Derivatized Quinines 99
NMR enantiodiscrimination by pentafluorophenylcarbamoyl derivatives of quinine: C10 versus C9 derivatization 98
(+)-(R)- and (-)-(S)-2-Vinyltetrahydropyran via Resolution of the Racemate by Chiral Platinum Complexes 98
Size-Controlled Synthesis and NMR Characterization of Mesitylene - Vinylsiloxanes Stabilized Pt Nanoparticles in Solution 98
Synthesis, structures and dynamic NMR spectra of h6-hexaethylbenzene complexes of ruthenium(0) and ruthenium(II) 98
Different Enantioselective Interaction Pathways Induced by Derivatized Quinines 98
Unexpected reaction of b-cyclodextrin tosylate with pyrrolidinones 97
Determination of the Cholecalciferol-Lipid Complex Using a Combination of Comparative Modelling and NMR Spectroscopy 96
Di and tri 1-(1-naphthyl)ethylamino substituted 1,3,5-triazine derivatives : a new class of versatile chiral auxiliaries for NMR spectroscopy 96
Combined NMR-crystallographic investigation of the inclusion of molsidomine into a-, b- and g-cyclodextrins 96
Application of PARM to constructing and comparing 5-HT1A and a1 receptor models 96
The Asymmetric Reformatsky Reaction : an NMR Investigation about the Nature of some Organozinc Reaction Species 96
NMR enantiodiscrimination of polar and apolar substrates by multifunctional cyclodextrins 96
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